An Incomplete Catalog of Random Tables for Future Reference

Rummaging through my RPG collection looking for random tables to make sure I’ve bookmarked for later reproduction (and adding to my GM binder). I have mine already marked.

Kevin Crawford packs his RPG supplements with numerous random tables. Some are in the moment tables and others are very much “I need a 5 minute break to whip something up.”

What I have marked for copy/printing:

And sitting beside the binder will be:

  • Jason Sholtis’s Dungeon Dozen - a book of off the wall, outrageous ideas and crazy situations.
  • Zak S’s Vornheim - a book with several useful tables for urban encounters and random relationship graphs
  • Wizard of the Coast’s Dungeon Master Guide (for 5E) - lots of tables, but no index of what all of those tables are.

Others that are on the short list to review are: