An Incomplete Catalog of Random Tables for Future Reference

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Rummaging through my RPG 📖 collection looking for random tables to make sure I’ve bookmarked for later reproduction (and adding to my GM 📖 binder). I have mine already marked.

Kevin Crawford packs his RPG supplements with numerous random tables. Some are in the moment tables and others are very much “I need a 5 minute break to whip something up.”

What I have marked for copy/printing:

And sitting beside the binder will be:

  • Jason Sholtis’s Dungeon Dozen - a book of off the wall, outrageous ideas and crazy situations.
  • Wizard of the Coast’s Dungeon Master Guide (for 5E 📖 ) - lots of tables, but no index of what all of those tables are.

Others that are on the short list to review are: