Situation Mining: the Black Plague

Adding to Judd the Librarian‘s Burning Wheel situations:

The Black Plague

"The Triumph of Death" - Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Year c. 1562

“The Triumph of Death” – Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Year c. 1562

Bursting from the fabled city of Kyzantham, the Black Plague – a horde of orcs, goblins, and wolves – has spread like wildfire. Death and famine have taken root as the Black Plague banner now flies over half of the continent. There are no signs of the Black Plague slowing.

You are just within the borders of the Black Plague’s control. It is a land of butchery and uncertainty. Those who have acquiesced to the Black Plague survive for now…but life is not improving.


Write a belief about:

  • When you realized your sworn oath to the Black Plague would not be honored
  • Rallying your people to rise against the Black Plague
  • Why your lands are important and how you keep them safe

Character sheet


Write a belief about:

  • What you left when fleeing from Kyzantham and how you will regain it
  • Who you are teaching (player characters) and why it is important for ending the Black Plague
  • Your research and how it will break the Black Plague

Character sheet


Write a belief about:

  • What you are doing to repay your debt to the duke
  • How you are preparing for the day you pay off your debt
  • Gathering the resources and alliances you need for safety from the Black Plague

Character sheet


Write a belief about:

  • The moment you left the king’s army and why it haunts you
  • Why you pursue of wealth and holdings
  • How you are using someone else to pursue your ambitions

Character sheet

I generated the character sheets at the online Character Burner.

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