Preparation for Session 2 of DCC Better World Gaming

Between the and the , I did some preparation. I didn’t publish this as I didn’t want to tip my hand. I scratched together two random tables to seed the start of the session. These are things that still could be happening.

With a map and deed, I assumed the characters would be leaving the village. I spent a bit of time laying out a flow-chart of distances to nearby locations. After the second session, the geography set a bit more and I’m working on a localized map.

When they choose to remain in Bitterweed Barrow, roll on Table 74: Events that Might Happen in Bitterweed Barrow.

Table 74: Events that Might Happen in Bitterweed Barrow
D8In Bitterweed Barrow
1A small troop of dwarves (1d4+1) arrive in Bitterweed Barrow to claim their ancestral gold. The have come from the nearby foothills of the Trolltooth Mountains.
2Varooth Moss sends a letter asking to meet at midnight at the well outside Nebin's house; He has important news and needs help. To help him, he needs Sylle Ru captured or killed.
3Nebin Pendlebrook's ghost haunts the village; food is going missing.
4A druid has come to learn of the sprite fountain. A foul corruption is growing in the west.
5Chip, slain potato farmer, rises to seek vengeance for his death (see Ensorcelling Corpse Plague).
6Last night, the village sot and goat herder helped birth a two-headed goat. He swears that before it died it said "Beware, Beware the Eyes of Green."
7Hearing of the fountain, a band of reavers assumes that Bitterweed Barrow may be the resting place of the Abbot in the Woods.
8Roll 1d7 twice.

When you leave Bitterweed Barrow, roll on Table 75: Leaving Bitterweed Barrow.

Table 75: Leaving Bitterweed Barrow
D10Leaving Bitterweed Barrow
1Lionel Left-Leg, a seasoned peddler warns that Hirot is on edge; They are sacrificing each other to appeas a demon.
2Constable Landria is on the trail of a poacher. She may conscript the party.
3Elianda, a pilgrim on a vision quest. She seeks a lone tower to free an ensnared angle.
4A small road-side shrine with a clay bowl and 5 silver coins on offer.
5A group of brigands heading to Bitterwood Barrow to lay claim to the wealth.
6Evidence of a massive hound having shred an elk
7Farmer Chip gives pursuit; He is getting stronger
8A band of performers setting up camp. They invite you to share their food for the afternoon and evening.
9Varooth Moss meets you on the road insisting that he travels this side of the mirror.
10Roll 1d9 twice.