The Campaign Timeline Thusfar

The campaign began in the 172nd year of the common calendar.

Sessions that I ran are not in real world chronological order. They instead reflect my efforts to incorporate players with funnel survivors into the over-arching campaign. In reviewing the calendar, I’m noticing that there are not enough farmers now in the fields, because people are seeking wealth and riches.

Sequence of Events
Month Day Event(s)
Spring’s Breath 17th Delve into Nebin Pendlebrook’s pantry (Funnel/Session #1)
  20th Delve into the Ruins of Ramat (Funnel #2)
Spring’s Hope 3rd Journey to Hirot (Session #2)
  3rd Exploring the Tomb of the Ulheneor (Session #2)
    Antics in Hirot (Session #3)
  4th Antics in Hirot (Session #3)
    Hound is Defeated (Session #3)
  5th Return to Hirot (Session #4)
    Death of Odin Boxbinder (Session #4)
    Arrival of Ah-Mal the Witness (Session #4)
    Return the Soul Net and pacts with King of Elfland (Session #4)
    Framing of Iraco (Session #4)
  6th Return to Bitterweed Barrow (Session #5)
Spring’s Laugh 3rd Villagers travel from Oakwood Mire to Bitterweed Barrow seeking fortune (Funnel #3)
  4th Explore the Barrow of Orcus’s Writ (Funnel #3)
  6th Depart for the Tower of the Stargazer (Session #6)
    Roadside ambush (Session #6)
    Roadside encounter with marionette man (Session #6)
    Explore the Tower of the Stargazer (Session #6, Session #7)
    Delve into the Astrologer Warlord’s Lair (Funnel #4)
    Freeing the Terra Cotta soldiers (Funnel #4)