The Campaign Timeline Thusfar

The campaign began in the 172nd year of the common calendar.

Sessions that I ran are not in real world chronological order. They instead reflect my efforts to incorporate players with funnel survivors into the over-arching campaign.

In reviewing the calendar, I’m noticing that there are not enough farmers now in the fields, because people are seeking wealth and riches.

Table 79: Sequence of Events
Month Day Event(s)
Spring’s Breath 17th Delve into Nebin Pendlebrook’s pantry (Funnel/Session #1)
  20th Delve into the Ruins of Ramat (Funnel #2)
Spring’s Hope 3rd Journey to Hirot (Session #2)
  3rd Exploring the Tomb of the Ulheneor (Session #2)
    Antics in Hirot (Session #3)
  4th Antics in Hirot (Session #3)
    Hound is Defeated (Session #3)
  5th Return to Hirot (Session #4)
    Death of Odin Boxbinder (Session #4)
    Arrival of Ah-Mal the Witness (Session #4)
    Return the Soul Net and pacts with King of Elfland (Session #4)
    Framing of Iraco (Session #4)
  6th Return to Bitterweed Barrow (Session #5)
Spring’s Laugh 3rd Villagers travel from Oakwood Mire to Bitterweed Barrow seeking fortune (Funnel #3)
  4th Explore the Barrow of Orcus’s Writ (Funnel #3)
  6th Depart for the Tower of the Stargazer (Session #6)
    Roadside ambush (Session #6)
    Roadside encounter with marionette man (Session #6)
    Explore the Tower of the Stargazer (Session #6, Session #7)
    Delve into the Astrologer Warlord’s Lair (Funnel #4)
    Freeing the Terra Cotta soldiers (Funnel #4)