Let's read “Stars without Number”

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A part of my Let’s Read “Stars without Number” series. Go grab your free copy of SWN and join in.

Welcome to the inaugural post in a series of posts in which I read Stars without Number (or SWN).

Interested in reading along? Grab a copy of the  Stars without Number: Revised Free Edition or buy a copy of the Stars without Number: Revised Edition.


The rules light sci-fi RPG*  Stars without Number provides extensive tools that support the three pillars of adventure:

  • Exploration
  • Social Interaction
  • Combat

Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons (or B/X* ), while lacking a skill system, provides the  foundation. Stars without Number further draws inspiration from Classic Traveller’s skill system and technology. From these venerable precursors, Stars without Number steps into its own with:

  • Quick character creation with some interesting options (though no character death during character creation)
  • Random tables and systems to help the GM* create and maintain the setting for their game

In upcoming posts, we’ll dive deeper into these pieces as we read each chapter.


Additional Notes

This is a revised edition, yet fully compatible with, the previous Stars without Number: Core Edition and the free core edition (originally published in 2010).