King of Feathers Brings the Chomp

King of Feathers Brings the Chomp is a game session report for Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition. We played around the table on .

A large feathered T-Rex stomping through a jungle ruins
The King of Feathers marauding through the ruins of Omu. The characters have it in their mind to lure this beast towards an encampment of Red Wizards.

This session report got away from me. Distractions surfaced, and I set this aside. I’ve lost the energy to report this out. So I’ll gather the highlights.

The characters lead the silenced. I had previously ruled that Silence could be placed on an object. Because a plan that involves a silent T-Rex should be rewarded. King of Feathers into the camp, right up to the guards busy dicing instead of keeping watch. Quick chomps, failed morale, and the King of Feathers had slain two guards and routed the other two Morale, play with it!

Also inside the silence, the characters ambushed a wizard, though the wizard managed to bolt outside and cast improved invisibility. Just in time for the King of Feathers to round the corner and see that wizard. <chomp>

I had forgotten that the wizards had alarm, and would’ve cast alarm on the perimeter.

As the melee and missile combatants fought, a battle of spells and counterspells ensued. Tides turned as the wizards dispelled the silence, a wizard suggested that the ranger/rogue kill the King of Feathers, counterspells prevented fireballs, and silence fell again.

The flesh golem, 13 veterans, 1 wizard, the King of Feathers and all of the skeletons perished. Two wizards got away. One of the veterans joined forces with the player characters.


This combat consumed the entire 2+ hours of the game session. Even though the characters got the drop, and had a powerful “ally”, it was a tight battle. Three mid-level wizards are dangerous. The characters drained many resources.

Terrain played an important element: Buildings, rooms, rooftops, and trees. Everyone shifted, jockeying for pinch points. This also split the combat, so that at times it felt as though there were two or three different conflicts.

By far, my favorite thing about this combat is that we all knew it was coming. I prepared a few random tables to adjudicate the state of the camp. With this preparation, I was thinking about a dynamic “living” camp, not “how do I setup a challenging encounter.” Instead I presented a situation for the players to interact with.

Seventh level Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition (5E 🔍) characters have a lot of options. Each round, everyone spends their action, bonus action, and often reactions. In Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Second Edition (AD&D 2E 🔍) and earlier editions, the wizard is your nuke and others grind opponents down. In 5E, anyone can bring a nuke.