Reviewing Top Content from My Old Wordpress Site

With the deprecation of my old Wordpress site, I decided to gather up some information.

Top Content of 2018

Thus far I wrote , totaling over 24K words. That Random Bonds Generator continues to chug along. Its nice to see Witchburner and Dwimmermount join the ranks of perennial favorites. This is the first year without a 2011 post in the top 10.

Top Content 2017

I wrote , totaling over 35K in words. The first year when drops off of the list. Yet the continues to draw people to my site.

Top 2016 Content

I wrote , totaling over 17K in words. A year in which no posts of 2016 are in the top 10; A pattern that continues. In 2016 I try to get some consistent gaming going, but schedules refuse to yield. A glimmer of opportunity emerges when I ran Dungeon Crawl Classics for the first time, but it will take until 2017 for that kick into high gear. I’m starting to look towards running a drop-in game at my friendly local game store. I even write up an Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) quick start.

Top 2015 Content

I wrote , totaling over 10K in words. Like a the surges back. I also setup some rules for running a , akin to Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC 📖)’s 0-level character funnel.

Top 2014 Content

I wrote , totaling over 13K in words. I pivot away from Burning Wheel and into Dungeon World 📖; I would not stay long in Dungeon World, as Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition (5E 📖) and DCC entered the scene. All the while, I keep eyeing Burning Wheel.

Top 2013 Content

I wrote , totaling over 19K in words. The and have staying power; Showing up each year since. Also, in this year, I hosted a small game day. I never did revisit hosting another one.

Top 2012 Content

I wrote , totaling over 51K in words. Why, hello Powered by the Apocalypse 📖 posts. This year has my widest variety of games in the top 10. To be fair, I’m grazing on every game I can find in 2012.

Top 2011 Content

I wrote , totaling over 73K in words. If I were to re-publish , I suspect it would get a lot more attention.