Procedures for the Liberation of Sir Uravulon Calcidius

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What follows are the procedures for that I set up after the character’s cleared out the Tower of the Stargazer. Sir Calcidius broke free the immediate following session, thanks to a fortuitous meteor breaking the salt circle.

At the start of each session after leaving the Tower of the Stargazer, have the player with the unluckiest character pick a number between 1 and 16. Then have them roll a 1d16. If they roll their number, something or someone has freed Sir Uravulon Calcidius. Roll on “Table 102: Revenge of Sir Calcidius”.

Table 102: Revenge of Sir Calcidius
d7 What Frees Sir Uravulon Calcidius?
1 A lone adventurer (level 1d3+1) and 1d6 hirelings
2 A curious peasant - roll Occupation ( Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC 🔍) p22-23)
3 A group of 1d3 + 1d5 adventurers (level 1)
4 An agent of a patron: 1 - Bobugbubilz, 2 - Malloc (Iron Tavern), 3 - Spider Goddess (Hubris), 4 - Sisssnagagarrasssh (Gong Farmers 2015), 5 - Ibyk (Gong Farmers 2015), 6 - Obitu-Que, 7 - Jehat & Grell, 8 - Van den Danderclanden (Crawl)
5 A band of orcs (1d8+1d12)
6 A pseudodragon
7 An act of nature: 1 - meteor, 2 - earthquake, 3 - erosion, 4 - windstorm
Table 103: Random Adventurer(s)
d20Random Adventurer(s)

When freed, Sir Uravulon Calcidius will seek the party and exact his revenge. There are a few steps he will take:

First, he will work to secure a suitable spellbook (immediate or 1d6 sessions, depending on character actions)

Then, he will begin asking questions to find the characters.

At the start of each session:

  • The unluckiest surviving character makes a Luck check. Failure means Sir Uravulon Calcidius has found them. He will strike in the next session.
  • The luckiest surviving character makes a Luck check. Success means they learn that someone has been asking questions about their whereabouts.
  • The survivors are Albert, Dave; Ilvora, Stemp; Badger’s Bane, Yeasty; Ungo the Beggar, Ahm-mal the Witness; Quenlynn, Ralph; Obexa the Agent, Spike

While asking around for the characters, he will begin hiring assistance. The players may learn ahead of time that someone is hiring a band if they themselves are hiring characters.