Adventures in Middle-earth is in the Bundle of Holding

I’ve been exploring Adventures in Middle-earth as the possible system for my next campaign. And as luck would have it, the rules are part of the current Bundle of Holding—It ends December 25th.

And Cubicle 7 is doing it right:

After your purchase, you’ll find on your Wizard’s Cabinet download page a 20% discount code for purchases of most Adventures in Middle-earth print products at the Cubicle 7 webstore (excluding Bree-land).

Get the Portable Document Formats (PDFs 📖) at a great price, and defer the cost of purchasing print copies.

Why Adventures in Middle-earth?

Built on the 5th Edition framework, Adventures in Middle-earth provides rules that better fit the tone of Middle-earth (e.g. rules for travel montages and no ubiquitous spellcasting).

It provides a framework for separating Adventuring and Fellowship phases, one for the Game Master (GM 📖) putting challenges in front of the Player-heroes the other for the Player-heroes to stake their claim to the world. I’m reminded a bit of Mouseguard or Wrath of the Autarch, in that there are separate phases of play.

The Adventuring phase and Fellowship phases are something you could easily extract to your traditional Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition (5E 📖) campaigns; Providing a framework to advance the campaign timeline by seasons and years instead of watching heroes rise so very fast in such short timespans.

The default starting time is 5 years after the events of the Hobbit. With the Necromancer cast out of Dol Goldur, the Wilderlands are waking; trade and travel is on the uptick. But, we all know that this peace cannot remain.

The travel montage rules provide an alternate mechanism to move throughout the well-mapped spaces of Middle-earth (See my post ).

Take a look at the bundle; a portion of the proceeds will go to Doctors without Borders.