Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - The History of Space

The book title “Revised Stars without Number: A Science Fiction Role Playing Game by Kevin Crawford” overlaying a star field
A part of my series. Go grab your free copy of SWN and join in.

For this section we’ll dive into The History of Space. Unlike prior chapters, the History of Space is very much a “fluff” chapter.

The default setting of Stars without Number: Revised Edition 📖 is a far future age in which the sprawling, glorious domain of human space has been reduced to a scattering of squabbling powers and long-lost worlds. The ancient domain of humanity has shrunken with the collapse of the psi-powered Jump Gates that once stitched the remote regions of the frontier into the teeming worlds of the human core.

Now, almost six hundred years after the catastrophe that ended the Golden Age of Man, new hope rises from the wreckage of a fallen empire.

That is all you need to know as a Game Master (GM 📖) and player.

But…if you are so inclined you can get a more detailed breakdown. The history connects Sine Nomine’s Other Dust cyberpunk post-apocalyptic setting to the Stars without Number: Revised Edition universe.

The short chapter provides a quick survey of 1000 years; Several organizations and major events to carry forward into your campaign; The following Sector Creation chapter encodes some of these organizations in random tables.

All told I believe this expositional chapter’s purpose is to provide a small accessible introduction to the GM tools: the wheelhouse of all Sine Nomine products.

Next up…I’ll dive into the Sector Creation.