Let's Read “Codex of the Black Sun”

Welcome to the inaugural post in a series of posts in which I read Codex of the Black Sun (or CotBS), a sorcery and magic supplement for Stars without Number: Revised Edition 📖.

This new series is a follow-on to my “Let’s Read Stars without Number” series.


For those looking for magic in their space setting—Hello Spelljammer fans—this may be the supplement for you.

As someone that grew up reading fantasy or science fiction, but only until later the admixture, I want to further explore this space. In days prior, there was science fantasy but as the call for genres emerged, science fiction and fantasy separated.

In fantasy, you have magic, swords, elves, dwarves, and demons. In science fiction you have faster than light travel, telepaths, grey men, and wormholes. The arbitrary separation being “what is feasible with science or technobabble”.

Codex of the Black Sun explores the somewhat less traveled space of sci-fi with arcane traditions.

Dust off your mouldering tomes, grab a Babylon candle, and sit down for some eldritch reading.


Codex of the Black Sun has the following table of contents:

  • : On the Use of this Book
  • : The Future History of Magic
  • The Science of Magic: Rules for Sorcery and Spellcasting
  • Arcane Character Classes: Wielders of Metadimensional Power
  • The Arcane Arts: Spells and Foci of the Eldritch
  • Sanctums: Places of Labor for the Arcane
  • On the Nature of Shadows: Shadows and Their Cults
  • Objects of Power: Implements of Sorcerous Might

I’ll link future posts of back to this page.