Daniel Collin's “Book of War”

A medieval battle field
By Jean Froissart - From Chapter CXXIX of Jean Froissart’s Chronicles, example source at http://www.maisonstclaire.org/resources/chronicles/froissart/book_1/ch_126-150/fc_b1_chap129.html, Public Domain, Link.

I’ve always been a sucker for mass combats in D&D I blame the H1: Bloodstone Pass adventure, with it’s Seven Samurai plot and grand battles .

When I saw Alex Schroeder’s “2019-03-29 Mass Combat Alternatives”, I thought of Daniel R Collins’s Book of War. I believe Daniel’s system might be a great fit for the Alex’s Halberds and Helmets.

Daniel Collins provides some Java programs to run simulations on the base system for Book of War. You may also be interested in posts at Dungeons of Klang and Olde School Wizardry

I like the compact stat block: Light Infantry Cost 4, Movement (MV 🔍) 12, Armor Hit (AH 🔍) 4, Hit Die (HD 🔍) 1

  • Cost: Each month, pay 10 Gold Piece (gp 🔍) times the cost per figure in the unit. A figure likely represents 10 people.
  • MV: On the miniatures field, may move that many inches (an inch is assumed to be 20 feet)
  • AH: Each attacking figure rolls a d6 per attack. On the AH (eg. Armor Hit) or higher it does one HD of damage.
  • HD: The number of hits a figure can take.

As expected, there are rules for morale, movement, and terrain. Nothing too complicated.

I haven’t used “Book of War”, but I thought I’d raise attention to another option.