I'm Helping to Open Fables Bookshop in Downtown Goshen Indiana

Three women and three men sitting on steps each lovingly holding their favorite books.
Fables Bookshop owners, clockwise from bottom right: Veronica Berkey, Kristin Saner, Jenny Frech, Jeremy Friesen, Mark Saner, Brad Weirich

Earlier this morning, we announced Fables, a book and gift shop for downtown Goshen, Indiana.

With , the above group snapped into action. Collectively we have experience opening and operating a book store, bootstrapping a gift shop, and customer service.

Over the coming months, we’ll roll out an independent bookshop for our town. Fables will focus on literacy for everyone and connecting our vibrant community through stories.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or join our mailing list at fablesbookshop.com