Thank You for the Donations (and We Still Need More)


Nine days out from our initial announcement and the energy keeps building. We’ve met with the landlord and eagerly await the moment when we have the keys in our hand.

Donations Keep Coming In…And We Need More

Each day, our community shows their love by bringing boxes of donations to Soapy Gnome. Our hearts swell with gratitude towards our community.

And if you’re interested in donating, please see our donation guide. We aim to have 50,000 books when we open in late summer 2019; We’ve got a ways to go.

Peeling Back the Curtain

I love books. In fact, on the day before Jenny and I married, I was busy assembling book shelves. But, I never quite appreciated how books fill space.

Our dining room library has about 900 books on its shelf. I’m marking many of these books as donations to get Fables up to its 50,000 mark.

Our dining room bookshelves

Bookshelves loaded with books and games

This pile has about 1000 books packed away.

Piles of boxed up books

Piles of boxes filled with books

I estimate that we have 500 books on our living room floor. Another 250 on the left shelf and another 50 on the right shelf. And yes, our house bursts with the chaos of book sorting and processing.

The glamorous sprawl of book processing

Living room littered with books in process

So please, keep those donations coming. It takes a village to build a bookshop, and we’ve got a ways to go. With your help, we’ll get there.

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