Guess Who's Coming to Graywall

A map of Droaam

Building on my post, I created a random visitor table. Inspired by my post, I want to build on Graywall’s border town vibe.

Guess Who's Coming to Graywall

Table 135: Guess Who’s Coming to Graywall
Roll (d20) Guess Who's Coming to Graywall
1 Lead by a charismatic Cyrian knight, 3d6 commoners are looking to carve out a new home in Droaam.
2 A gnomish reporter from the Korranburg Chronicle has come to do an expose on the architecture of Graywall.
3 A gnoll, looking to learn to read and write common, is seeking a tutor.
4 Missionaries (1d4 acolytes) of the Blood of Vol seek to share the message of the intrinsic power within oneself.
5 A band of 1d6+2 adventurers have come seeking their fortune in Droaam.
6 An anthropologist curious about Droaam’s aspirations to be recognized as a nation under the Treaty of Galifar. The antropologist has brought 1d3-1 support staff.
7 A House Tharask recruiter, seeking to enlist anyone and everyone into mercenary companies. The recruiter keeps talking about needing to meet a quota.
8 A small group (1d4+1) of warforged have come to Droaam to fight in the arena. One of the warforged will talk about losing a sense of purpose now that the war is over.
9 An aspiring architect, looking to make their mark, wants to study Graywall’s architecture. The architect wants to discuss their project idea with a medusa.
10 A pompous suitor is seeking a trophy to bring back to Sharn to demonstrate their affection.
11 A raucous and arrogant band of 1d6 knights, 2d6 nobles and their nervous retinue (4d6+12) commoners are hunting for ogres to create taxidermied ogre heads.
12 A human from House Vadalis is following a rumour of a beast that they hope to capture, tame, and breed. A pack animal that could climb better than a mule and carry just as much.
13 A beleagured orc is seeking to make their way to Wroat to petition for an audience with anyone that might listen. They know but one phrase in common “The seal is breaking.” They have a written letter, in common, describing a clans history, their long vigilance, and the doom that awaits if a Daelkyr were to break free.
14 An old war buddy, looking to lie low.
15 A Sentinel Marshal, looking for someone. Roll again on this chart. If you get a 15, they are looking for a random player character.
16 A traveling theater troop, comprised of a harpy, kobold, kenku, gnoll, ogre, and two “out” changelings are looking to bring their plays to Breland. Each play has a common theme of collaborating with Breland to create great works, all while lampooning the Silver Flame and citizens of Thrane.
17 A dwarf financier and prospector is looking for locals to help find a baeshyk vein to which the dwarf has a map. Perhaps they work for the Aurum?
18 An excoriate of House Sivis is passing through. They wanted to talk with their relative at the Sivis station in Graywall, but were turned away. The excoriate gnome is looking for adventure in Droaam.

A retinue of House Cannith is passing through from Breland. An evening talking with the lower caste of the retinue reveals that (roll a d6):

  1. They are looking to meet with the Daughters of Sora Kell
  2. They are heading to the Queen of Stone.
  3. They are looking for a wizard’s tower.
  4. They are heading to some giant’s fortress.
  5. They are passing through to the Shadow Marches.
  6. They are looking for a manifest zone which they recently found reference to in an old house tome.
20 A medusa, travelling under disguise is looking for someone to escort her to a small village in Breland.
Once you have rolled a result, scratch out the result and add something new.