Keith Baker announces “Project Raptor”

At noon today, Keith Baker announced Project Raptor, a new sourcebook for Eberron.

Discover the unexplored Eberron…

Keith Baker Presents (KB Presents 📖) is pleased to announce a brand new Eberron sourcebook coming to Portable Document Format (PDF 📖) and print-on-demand hardcover for the Dungeon Masters Guild! Written by Eberron creator and designer Keith Baker, Project “Raptor” expands upon Eberron as only Keith is able to, including never-before-explored areas of the setting.

This 160+ page book is slated for a late 2019 release, with exact launch date to be determined. Keith’s writing will be accompanied by illustrations from a range of talented artists, and supported by a dedicated team of professionals for editing, layout, and project management.

A design diary on the KB Presents Facebook page will provide project updates, spotlights on the team, and teasers of the work-in-progress, as well as features from Keith’s blog.

At the mandate of the hat, we hope you are as excited as we are compelled to be, and we look forward to bringing you more Eberron in the near future!

In coordination with this announcement, Manifest Zone) dropped a special episode KB Presents: Project “Raptor”).

I have not yet had a listen, but any new content from Eberron’s creator excites me. From what I’ve gathered, I can look forward to Keith Baker further exploring the planes of Eberron. And I’ll get a nice new hardcover for Eberron.

Let the waiting begin!