A New Fighter Class Starship for “Stars without Number”

A small blocky spaceship
spaceship” by Philippe Put, on Flickr

I spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning re-learning about matrices. I did some rudimentary analysis and modeling on the price points for Stars without Number starships. As a bonus I relearned a bit about Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues. And did some reading on Principal Component Analysis. If anyone is better versed at this, and would like to drop me a line, I’d love some further help.

Table 141: Hull Types for Stars without Number
Hull Type Cost Speed Armor HP Crew AC Power Mass Hard. Class
Sentinel 240,000 3 4 12 23 14 6 2 1 Fighter

Stripped of a spike-drive, the Owl-class Sentinel remains a versatile system ship or a compliment to a Carrier. With extended stores, its crew can spend longer in space. Combining its extended stores and emission dampers, the Owl can observe a hardened system entry-point without tipping its hand. If it chooses to break cover, its Fractal Impact Charge brings a dangerous punch.

Table 142: Owl-class Sentinel
Owl-class Sentinel
HP 15 Power 60 free
AC 13 Mass 20 free
Armor 4 Crew 23
Speed 3 Hull Class Fighter
Weapons Fractal Impact Charge (+3/2d6, AP 15, Ammo 4)
Defenses Hardened Polyceramic Overlay (AP quality of attacking weapons reduced by 5)
Fittings Atmospheric Configuration, Emission Dampers, Extended Stores, System Drive
Cost 473,500 base price, 23,675 maintenance, 87,600 yearly crew cost for 2 crew