Exposing More Metadata for Take on Rules

Last night and this morning I’ve tinkered with my blogging engine. I wanted to highlight some recent changes.

Each Hypertext Markup Language (HTML 📖) table on the site now has a unique identifier. An HTML A-Tag with a “name” attribute.

As I read through my various role-playing games, I love flipping to the back to review the indices and appendices. I love the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. One of the indices lists the tables in the book, each uniquely identified.

I wanted something similar. This week I wrote up some scripts to work this out. Take a look at the .

Going forward, I would like to set up a Uniform Resource Locator (URL 📖) for each table. update: I went ahead and added the redirects for each table. Following the pattern: /tables/:table_number, you can now link to that directly. In the future, I’d like you to be able to link to https://takeonrules.com/tables/1 and see Table 1: Initial starting positions. I would also like to expose those tables as Javascript Object Notation (JSON 📖).

Behind the scenes, I want to create a Hugo Shortcode that would allow me to reference a table in my content creation quickly.

Each content updateon the site now goes through a common Hugo Shortcode. You can now I have made to previous posts. What do I mean by “labeled updates”? I label changes to blog posts to which I go back and add additional notes, further reflections, or changes to my understanding.

A blog can bury updates. I wanted to expose these in part for personal reasons, but also as a programming exercise.

For the future,aside from the table redirects, I want to extract the build scripts that I use into a separate Github repository. I believe sharing those could be helpful for others. I’m sure I’ll think of other things.