Software to Migrate Data from Square to Shopify

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I added a Services: Migrate Data from Square to Shopify page. That page details the migration process.

The blog post below describes my original process.

Original Blog Post

My wife, Jenny, owns the Soapy Gnome in Goshen, Indiana.

Eight (8) years ago, when we started out, we did what most small businesses do: We started using Square for our farmer’s market and craft show sales. As we moved to our brick and mortar location, we kept using Square.

Along the way, we used Shopify to launch our online shop. For the last few years, these two systems have operated without integration. Jenny has often considered consolidating systems. Up until 2019, or so, Square charged a percentage fee for each card transaction. This kept Square as a very attractive option. Square has since introduced a $0.30 per card transaction fee. That tweak in processing charges was a driver to explore other options.

With the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve closed our physical space. We now rely on our online presence to pay rent and wages for our employees. And , we have not received any help nor loans from the government programs meant to support small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our store closed, Jenny wanted to explore consolidating the Point of Sales (PoS 📖) systems. And it made sense to consolidate into Shopify. First, people are using our Shopify site to place their orders. Second, Shopify has a more robust platform, with tremendous support and versatility.

This morning, we completed our first pass of importing a sub-set of the data into Shopify.

As with any data migration, I tested this step by step until I had completed a full export/import of one item. Then, I deleted the item from Shopify, and ran it without intervention.

Jenny reviewed the results, and agreed to send another item through the export/import process. She reviewed that and agreed it looked ready to run against all of the Square products.


I have added the ability to transfer customers from Square to Shopify. At present, this does not include transaction history. That is on my eventual to-do list.

The software is designed to migrate the following information from Square to Shopify:

  1. Items
  2. Variants
  3. Item/Variant Images
  4. Quantity
  5. Price
  6. Customers

The software is also smart enough that it can stop and restart, resuming where it left off. This is critical, because, any migration script you run should not accidentally write an item twice into the target system (e.g. Shopify).

The software did the grunt work of “copying and pasting” from Square to Shopify.

If you are interested in moving items from Square to Shopify, please feel free . I’m happy to discuss the software and my services.