Adding Webmention Features

Providing a Framework for Citation and Conversation

update: I ran an audit of TakeOnRules at It’s a few screens testing to see if things work. They do!

This week I cemented my awareness of the Webmention standard. I remembered that Alex Schroeder posted about Webmentions awhile ago. But it never quite registered.

My exploration began at IndieWeb’s Webmention page. And into the rabbit hole I tumbled.

I followed Aaron Parecki’s Sending Your First Webmention from Scratch blog post to first add Document Object Model (DOM 🔍) classes to the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML 🔍) markup of my site.

I registered at Webmention IO to enable a Webmentions end-point for my site. Following the documentation, I added any webmentions to an RSS feed. In other words, if you send me a webmention, it should show up in my RSS feed. I’m still considering what to do with any mentions that I receive.

Shout out to @toddgrotenhuis. Your blog is so far the only blog in my Rich Site Summary (RSS 🔍) feed that exposes a rel="webmention" end-point.

Why Does This Matter?

The Webmention standard defines a mechanism for me to “cite” your post and notify you of that citation. You may choose to show that I cited your post. Both of us retain authority over our writing. You can’t delete my post, because it is on my site. I can’t force you to show my post on your site.

This also means, we can have federated conversations without a reliance on a gated community. I remember all of the table-top Role Playing Game (RPG 🔍) conversations on Google+. And because Google owned the platform of those conversations, when they shut Google+ down, we lost those conversations.

Webmention provides a mechanism for notifying each other when we link to each other. And allows us to each own our side of the conversation.

Post Script

I would appreciate someone mentioning this post via the Webmention standard. I’d like to add links back to those mentions, but need to see what I’m working with.


Thank you Alex Schroeder for working through Webmentions with me.

I added a build task to publish my webmentions via IndieWeb’s webmention gem.