Connecting to Bridgy for backfeed and POSSE service

Using Standards to Connect Conversations

This past month, I learned about With the help of, I implemented Webmentions.

I’m approaching my site with a Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere (POSSE 📖) mindset. In pushing content out to different sites, conversations invariably happen on those sites. And that’s cool. But I want to help loosely connect those different conversation spaces to the source (e.g., my website).

This morning, I connected my Reddit, Mastodon, and Twitter profile to

With a minor tweak to my publication process, I’m now backfeeding mentions from the above silos (e.g., Reddit, Mastodon, and Twitter) into my website.

Maybe later this week, I’ll explore the WebSub spec and lean on Switchboard.

I continue to defer on standing-up my own server. I’m leveraging existing services, built from standards, to provide enhancements to my site.

When I migrated from Wordpress to Hugo, I wrote that I was disabling comments. Using the Webmention standard and principles/standards of POSSE/backfeeding, I’m able to provide a more durable commenting system. This system acknowledges conversations happen in many places.