Today I Learned (May 20th 2020 Edition)

Learning Some New Distributed Tech

A bit of a technology grab-bag today.

Brew Edit

Yesterday, I learned about homebrew’s brew edit <formula-name>. I was trying to change the install formula for links. Using brew edit links, I poked around with the install script, trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to build links with image support.


Ok, I learned about this awhile ago; Rhapsode is a “Hypertext Web Browser for voice I/O.” I have yet to install this, but its existence has me thinking differently about my website.


I learned about, an “experimental Peer to Peer (P2P 📖) community chat platform.” This interesting bit of software removes the need for a central chat server. Instead, each peer has the entire group’s chat history stored locally. When another person connects, cabal shares the chat history.

I’ve known about for a bit; I used the Indieweb’s Webmention wiki article to help build out my webmention functionality. The community demonstrates a commitment to accessibility by defining and extending terms in the wiki. Imagine if, at your place of work or in your hobby community, there was a continuous effort to make information accessible? To say “quick, let’s make sure we sketch out a definition in our wiki”. That’s a powerful community reflex.

Beaker Browser

After joining, I learned about Beaker Browser. I haven’t given this a lot of thought, but a P2P savy web-browser would certainly help with distributed preservation efforts.


For these P2P experiments, I think I need a separate machine for experimentation.