To Those with White Skin and Therefore Systemic Privilege

Your white body, prone to sun tan and freckles, is a super power. And in the eyes of the system it matters more than any and all people of color.

When you go to protest, know your super power.

Now consider the words from a person of color:

PROTEST LIKE AN ALLY: If you DO decide to protest, your job as a white person is NOT to lead the charge. Your job is to protect Black, Indigenous, Multi-racial, or Person of Color (BIMPoC 📖) with you and follow Black leaders. Your privilege is a weapon; use it to help the cause, not hinder it. This affects you but it’s not ABOUT you.

If you’re white and protesting, make shields around BIMPOC protesters. The police don’t want to hurt you. You can find dozens of videos of white people demonstrating good allyship by circling around Black activists; immediately, people back off. That’s using privilege for good.

If you’re white and mad as hell about what’s happening, do NOT escalate the situation. When you decide to take a swing at a cop during a peaceful assembly, you endanger every BIMPOC around you because the police will take any excuse to respond with “justified” lethal force.

Part of accepting white privilege is understanding when to step back and let others speak, but don’t confuse that for staying silent. When BIMPOC speak, give them the metaphorical mic; amplify their voice without adding your own commentary. Use your platform to make them heard.

And in protests, many people may be on tilt. If you see impassioned black protesters endanger themselves, consider your super power. Your presence may well prevent their abuse or murder.

Extend your privilege to those voices.