Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - The Sindal Sector”

A Quick Overview of a Third Imperium Sub-Sector

In the previous chapter, we read about Traveller's World and Universe Creation .

In this chapter, we’ll look at the Sindal sub-sector, set in the Trojan Reach sector of Third Imperium.

The Sindal sub-sector’s coreward and trailing corner is part of the Imperium. The remainder is non-affiliated. Just rimward of the sub-sector is the Aslan Hierate.

The rulebook provides the Universal Planet Profile (UPP 📖) of seventeen systems, a sub-sector map, a map of where the sub-sector sets, and a quick overview of the Syndal sub-sector.

Each sub-sector has a system description and a mission. Each mission has a patron, a required set of skills, required equipment, and a reward.


This wraps up .

As I’ve read through this rulebook, my past self did a disservice by not picking up Traveller earlier.

Star Frontiers was my first RPG, from there I picked up the Middle Earth Role-Playing Game. Traveller never showed up on my radar. It wasn’t until I started exploring Stars without Number: Revised Edition 📖 that I also started exploring Traveller.

Mongoose has extensive material for the current version of Traveller, as well as an impressive back catalog. There is also material from now defunct game companies. You can also find compatible material in the Cepheus Engine.

The world building system and trade system are portable. The character creation is a fantastic mini-game for an evening of solitary entertainment.

In my campaign, I have supplemented Stars without Number’s world creation with Traveller’s world creation.

Traveller’s a game that I’d like to bring to my table. The various systems provide excellent sandbox tooling, from character creation to trade across worlds.

During character creation, it’s likely the characters will pick up a few Non-Player Characters (NPCs 📖) working for or against them. They may have a ship, but in that freedom of movement, they’ll need to pay down a debt by seeking adventure either mundane or dangerous.