Creating a Post-Human Ethnicity for a “Worlds without Number” Campaign

The Konuk, One of the Governing Ethnicities of the Latter Earth

In preparation for a possible Worlds without Number 🔍 campaign, I started working my way through the “Creating your Campaign” section of the beta document. I’m synthesizing the results, but thought I’d post something that came up.

The yet to be released Worlds without Number follows the Sine Nomine pattern of providing lots of random tables to help Referees build out their game.

I rolled the Konuk on the Physical Appearances table, with the following results:

  • Dark browns and mochas
  • Lack of hair
  • Luminous color eyes
  • Build bigger than neighbors
  • Culturally significant jewelry or accessories
  • Alien Outsider features AND they don’t show age the way others do

In addition, the Government and History random tables indicated that the Ruling class (e.g. the Konuk) were a minority ethnicity of long historical rule, with legitimacy from martial prowess. The leaders are divinely chosen from the ruling class.

In this government, there exists a tithe-hungry collectors for the state-faith.

The Konuk

The Konuk are the traditional governing leaders of the nation of Yorgumek. A divine trial of prowess determines who ascends to the Kyriledri, the cabal of leaders of Yorgumek.

A typical Konuk is hailess with a mocha skin tone. Their eyes are luminous green; Their irises faintly glow in the dark. I’m thinking a bit like circuit boards and green/black terminals. Their frame is larger than most, which contributes in part to their reknown as warriors.

The aveage lifespan of a Konuk is 50 to 60 Terran years. They reach physical maturity between ages 8 and 10. Once they reach physical maturity, they don’t age for the next 40 or 50 years. In the last two or three years of their natural life, a Konuk’s body enters a rapid geriatric decay.

A Konuk’s body reflexively responds to extreme environmental conditions. They also have a singular vestigial biotechnical port on their body; Its purpose likely related to some ancient now forgotten technology. One can think of this port as a stigmata. A Konuk often uses this port as a center-piece for their jewelry and adornment.

Konuk Origin Foci

Level 1
You add 1 to any Shock damage you deal.
You body reflexively endure extreme conditions (eg. hard vacuum, lethal cold, radiation, temperatures of up to 250℉) for brief periods of time. Each minute in these extreme conditions, they sustain 1 point of system strain, but may otherwise operate as normal.
Gain Administration or Prayer as a bonus skill.
You have a biotechnical port on your body.