The Kvarzflett - A “Stars without Number” Sophont

A Rock and Lichen-Based Psychic Creature

      Of seed
   To leafling
So tall
   Now fallen
      Again soil
, Day of the Tree

Originating in the Gansu system, the Kvarzflett are a sentient sophont of lichen and rocks bound together by psychic powers. Their home planet is a cold world of tundra and glaciers.

A Kvarzflett displaces about 1 cubic feet of lichen-covered dense stone; They typically have 75 kilograms of mass. Those of greater mass are regarded as stronger psychics.

While they never achieved their own Faster than Light (FtL 📖) travel technology, they’ve used their unique physiology to stowaway on many starships. In the sector most other creatures have no knowledge of the Kvarzflett.

The Kvarzflett rely on this obscurity as they operate from a different mental framework. They are capable of experiencing time much as humans do; However, a lack of social stimulus can lull them into a hibernetic state.

Those that know a Kvarzflett soon realize that they have taken to heart and perverted the old Terran adage of “Leave no stone unturned.” A crew of Kvarzflett will ensure that each of them have adequate stimulus so that they may exit their hibernetic state.

Kvarzflett Origin Foci

Level 1
You are a gifted psychic. Your class must be a Psychic or Partial Psychic.
Your maximum Psychic effort increases by 1 point.
You can survive and thrive in brutal cold, intense pressure, or near pressureless environments.
You do not eat nor drink, insteading drawing moisture from the area to sustain you.
You must enter a hibernetic state to recover effort, hit points, and reduce system strain. To wake from this state, either someone must wake you or you must make a successful Physical saving throw. On a failed saving throw, you fail to exit your hibernation, and must try again the next day.
For all Dexterity-based skill checks, you roll 3d6, drop the highest. After ability scores are set or rolled, if Dexterity is not yor lowest score, swap the lowest score and the Dexterity score.
Being made mostly of rock, you have a base Armor Class of 15 plus half your character level, rounded up.
As an Instant Action, Spend Effort for the day. For the remainder of the scene, when determining a creatures reaction to you, that roll is made with an additional +2 bonus.
You have atypical physiology, you can’t manipulate most human tools and equipment.