An Initial “Worlds without Number” Situation from the Ministry of Harvest

Beginning a Campaign in the Latter Earth

This situation builds from the for a Worlds without Number 📖 game. In that session, we established that the characters worked for an agency responsible for rescue; This agency also involves detective and agricultural functions.

The characters thusfar are:

  • Warrior/Expert (background Barbarian), skilled as a guide
  • Expert/Healer (background Physician), a well connected healer
  • Mage (background Wanderer), a wizard comfortable on the road
  • Warrior (background Soldier), a wetworks operative

The Situation

You are part of the Ministry of Harvest, one of the many ministries in the Yorgumek capital of Tadja. You contribute to emergency responses and investigations that fall within the pervue of the Ministry of Harvest. You’ve each been part of the ministry for a handful of seasons.

A day ago, the ministry received an urgent request for help from the village of Geshmiche. Vester Deena, a priest of the Weary One, reported that a pack of Betonahkma have harried farmers. Vester is an honorific for a priest of the Weary One

Vester Deena believes the situation is getting worse, and she believes the village may start falling behind on its harvest quota. The request is a bit odd; The Ministry of Harvest would have expected the government assigned mayor, (eg. Envoy Abhamalt, a ), to send a request for help.

The ministry is dispatching you, Magistrate Udku (also a Konuk), Clerk Orin, and Clerk Esther, to respond to an incident. Magistrate Udku carries the legal authority of the Ministry and has broad discretion. Clerk Orin and Clerk Esther provide clerical support for the Magistrate. You provide additional support and the steel to back Magistrate Udku’s authority.

The incident is a request for help from Vester Deena, a local priest of The Weary One. She requested help because Envoy Abhamalt has refused to take action; The government of Yorgumek assigned Envoy Abhamalt is an

You have overheard Magistrate Udku talk with his two assistants that Geshmiche has failed to meet it’s grain and shroom quota for the last two seasons. You know that Vester Deena’s written request specifically said “Envoy Abhamalt continues to refuse to seek help.”

The letter requesting help, the raids, reporting discrepency, and breach of protocol warrants a more robust investigation.

According to the last census, the village of Geshmiche has approximately 450 souls, 132 of whom are baseline humans. The other 218 are . The Geemit claim their home to be the ancient decaying city which houses the village of Geshmiche.

According to the last annual report filed by Envoy Abhamalt, they recommended that more baselines be set to help balance the workforce. In Abhamalt’s observations, he can achieve the highest harvest yields if he has equal sized work forces of Geemit and baseline humans.

By way of river boat, the village of Geshmiche is 60 miles from Tadja; The upstream journey requires just under 3 days to get there. The Ministry of Harvest, ever generous, provides you with a pack mule, and will cover your room and board while on assignment. In addition to your 2 Silver piece(s) (sp 📖) per day salary, there’s a 50 sp bounty per Betonahkma pelt.