Wrapping up the Year

Accomplishments Echo Hollow when We've Set the World Aflame

started with a work trip to San Diego; I spent a week collaborating with fellow Samvera developers.

My face to face game group wrapped up a Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition (5E 📖) Tomb of Annihilation 📖 campaign in early . We’d meet to share dinner, drink home brewed beer, and throw some dice.

I presented with some colleagues at Code4Lib 2020 in Pittsburgh. This conference ended right as the United States began its descent into a chaotic malicious response to Covid 19.

I spent many evenings in March, April, and May running numbers with my life partner. We were trying to determine if she could continue keeping the Soapy Gnome open. The numbers we were seeing were right on the line of what we both considered feasible and worth chasing. She kept the store open and we spent the rest of the year scrambling.

My daughter and step-daughter both graduated from high school; One began a new job and another went off to college.

I transitioned away from a manager role into an individual contributor for innovation at the Hesburgh Libraries.

I helped plan and execute the Samvera Connect conference. It began as a face to face conference, then mid-way through planning, we shifted to online only.

I served on a hiring committee to hire Samvera’s first employee. I presented a bit on the hiring process at the Fall Samvera Partner meeting.

And quite a bit more.

The Office

And , I watched the series finale of The Office. And I cried. I spent my night’s sleep dreaming and feeling a tremendous sense of loss.

Yet, the malignency of Trumpism (and it’s related Fascism) coupled with police brutality towards Black folks continues and escalates.

We see the rich accelerating thee siphoning of money into their coffers, and by extension their power and influence. All of this fully enabled and legislated by politicians afraid only of speaking against a rabid and deluded fanbase. And facilitated and shaped by a repressive police state, in which white supremacists continue to get a free pass. Where the media weaves empathy for the white perpetrators amidst the tapestry of propaganda for an America that only exists in a false dream.

And I see a terrifying sentiment, riding the surface of these oily polluted waters: “The End Times are Coming and I want Them.” A dealth cult chants to open up the country, favoring personal convenience over any care or compassion for the people straining to respond to a public health failure.

A generation of youth looking and seeing large swaths of adults in power and influence behaving as petulant, petty, and spoiled assholes.

All while we continue pushing our planet to exhaustion; Driving the temperature ever upward. We’ve pressed our world into a fevered state, and the consequences will continue to compound.

A Cautious Hello

I am eager to put behind us. But next year will bring its new challenges.

I’m a bit hopeful as the vaccines roll out to health care workers; I figure I’m rather far down the line for a vaccine. And I’ll eagerly await my turn.

I’ll keep wearing my mask, keeping my physical distance, and doing the things within my power and ability to make tiny changes to earth.