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This page provides an overview into what happened for Take on Rules during .

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Sometimes I go back and update posts with new information or corrections.

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Sometimes I tinker with the structure or layout of the site.

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Removing the rel=“next” and rel=“prev” for tags and series.
Renaming Previous Posts to Older Posts. And Next Posts to Newer Posts.
Added an Epigraphs section under the Site-Map.
Updated scripts for building Glossary entries. Now tags and inline mentions are counted. Prior to this change, only inline mentions.
Replacing 📖 with 🔍 for definitions. The book is a bit more visually disruptive, whereas the magnifying glass is just a bit more subtle. I like that visual weight.
Reworking usage of glossary terms to use a unified glossary.html shortcode, this has created some odd rendering of past posts. I’m working through those oddities.
Replacing with
Updating Glossary of Terms to consolidate links to games, abbreviations, and mentions.
Adding my resume.
Adding Content Disclaimers.
Removing Mastodon and Twitter Likes from a post’s list of webmentions.
Adding Series to Session Reports index page.
Added Help Building your Résumé to the list of services I offer.
Replacing old address with
Adjusting navigation for related articles. In a post’s metadata section, I’ve added a next and previous link for each tag. This allows you to readily navigate posts by tag. I’m not entirely satisfied with the look as it introduces a lot to visually parse. However, I believe the utility is nice to have.
Adjusting page neighbor rendering; This now follows similarly to how I render next and previous links.
For a given breadcrumb, replacing the last in the trail with a cite tag. Prior to this change it was an a tag.
What I’m doing is moving the related links to within the given article’s header. I think this makes semantic sense.
Exposing RSS feeds for each Licenses, Series, and Tags.
Exposing RSS feeds for each individual License, Series, and Tag.
Adding Atom and RSS feeds for Updates and Changelog
Migrated site hosting from Github Pages to Nearly Free Speech. See Farewell Github Pages, Hello Nearly Free Speech for the specifics.
Added rel="up" and rel="home" attributes to appropriate links. These attributes help with keyboard navigation and assistive technology.
Adding pagination to the years pages (e.g. Posts for 2020).