These Opening Days of 2021

In Which 2020 Isn't a Fluke, and a New Year Won't Deliver Us

Y’all I promise law enforcement will ID some low hanging fruit insurrectionists from yesterday’s mob while claiming they need our assistance as part of a PR effort in response to their being fully exposed yesterday. The greatest unaddressed danger right now is elected officials.

I’ve contacted my elected officials; Though two were part of the seditious pageantry, both before and after the attempted coup at the Capitol building. Fuck you Mike Braun and Jakie Walorski.

Without consequences this behaviour will continue and escalate.

The leaders of the Senate and House adjourned their sessions. This feels like a wretched derelection of duty. Perhaps they are dispersing out of extreme caution; First, during and , the elected government body sat vulnerable. Second, the Capitol Building’s most certainly compromised. Too many people had access to sensitive electronics.

All of this is predictable. Those escalating rhetoric and actions have not met any negative consequences. Yes, someone died storming the Capitol building. Yes, some people in that insurrection mob lost their jobs.

But the President of the United States of America will soon return to Twitter and begin anew his brand of unadulterated white supremacy. And the members of the Senate and Congress will continue to play their political games.

I spent this morning and last night listening to Black voices (and voices from other marginalized groups), and the impact of this attempted coup.

Their anxiety and worry far surpassing mine; Because they know that the escalation will further threaten their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Right now, and always: Black Lives Matter. As do trans lives, disabled lives, native lives, immigrant lives, and all those marginalized, targeted, extorted, consumed, and abused by white supremacy. Listen to their voices and their lived experiences; Seek to understand so that the matter of their lives shifts from an abstract slogan to an internalized creed.

This is who the white United States of America is: Brutality for Black people (and other minorities) and free passes and empathy for whiteness.

Our legislation, action, and justice must enshrine that Black Lives Matter. Until then for the white United States of America, no lives matter.

I’ve seen the words We are better than this and sneer. Those words may technically be true, but only if you consider how much work the word we must do. If we include Black activists, Native activists, community organizers, health clinic escorts, and immigrant advocates; Then yes, we are technically better.

For there to be a we, there must be Justice; a means of bringing about an equitable existence that involves accountability. To repudiate harmful behavior and penalize those perpetuating it.

With the adjournment of Congress, my hope for Justice dims. There remains a slim chance to move towards Justice, but more likely I suspect, we’ll continue our slide along the authoritarian spectrum in which brutality escalates and further expands.