Sending some Interstitial Love Letters to the New Vistas Crew

Dear Player Characters, Tell Me More

In the , we agreed to advance the timeline just a bit.

The Player Characters (PCs 📖) will be blasting out of Efesos and charting their next course. Before I give them an update on what’s been happening in the sector, I want to send them a few love letters.

The Love Letters

First, everyone level up your characters. You should now all be 3rd level. Let’s walk through that.

Dear Vern,

What’s some relic or trinket you’ve found and are bringing with you to remember Efesos? Tell why you chose this relic.

Please roll Admin:

  • On a 7 or less, I’ll reveal an unwelcome truth.
  • On an 8-10, ask me any question you have about this first mission; I’ll answer truthfully and with as much detail as I have.
  • On an 11+, as 8-10 but I’ll let you ask either a follow-up or another question.

Dear Nestor,

Your hand has hurt ever since the Laboratory. You catch yourself looking at it, expecting a bruise or welt. Yet it’s only there in your dreams. You know they won’t understand nor should they know. Tell me, though, how does everyone know that you aren’t well?

Please roll Exert:

  • On a 7 or less, your condition is far worse. You’re one point away from your maximum system strain.
  • On an 8-10, your condition, you’re now at the halfway point of your maximum system strain.
  • On an 11+, your bodies doing alright.

Dear Sigh,

You’ve been busy running interference to avoid the active scanning measures of Parzival’s agents. Aside from all of those things, what’s something you’ve been making on the side?

Please roll Fix:

  • On a 7 or less, you’ve expended all but one of your Pre-Tech, with nothing but your current safety to show for it.
  • On a 7-10, you’ve expended all but two Pre-Tech, but have completed your modification.
  • On a 11+, you’ve managed to only spend on Pre-Tech jamming the agents, and have completed your modification.

Dear Adolar,

It’s been two days of relying heavily on your teleportation skills. Tell me a bit more about your mentor.

Please roll Notice:

  • On a 7 or less, the Kvarzflett fail to join you at the rendezvous.
  • On a 8-10, only Plek made it there.
  • On a 11+, the four Kvarzflett are joining you.

Now tell me something that unnerves you about the Kvarzflett.


Now, let me tell you what’s been happening.