Preamble to Session 14: New Vistas in the Thel Sector


In , the players decided they’d travel to Uman; they’re seeking the Academy of Transcendence.

This blog post is partially expository but also here to help the players think through the opening sequence.

In writing this I also worked out the sequence of events. That way I have a better understanding of each ships position.

Based on the metadimensional space, the Watchful Eye’s Spike Drive rating of 3, and the rudders available to Captain Yarl Hantz, there are three safe jumps and five dangerous jumps. A Spike Drive rating of 3 means they can move three hexes.

Table 220: Drill Difficulties for the Watchful Eye from Kallisto System shows the possible jump locations.

Table 220: Drill Difficulties for the Watchful Eye from Kallisto System
System Difficulty Class (DC 🔍)
New Hull14
A hexagonal map of the Thel Sector. The image's caption includes a URL that has a written description
The Thel Sector map, with the rudders available to Captain Hantz. For more information, see <a href="/2020/08/16/thel-sector-system-overview/">The Thel Sector System Overview.

Captain Yarl Hantz has a +2 to his piloting rolls (and a re-roll for being an expert). Anything beyond Jena, Takeo, or Oxport is a rudder-less jump. According to Drive, Captain Hantz has a 3% chance of making those jumps. It’s better than that because he’s an expert and has a few helpers capable of hitting the necessary DC 14.

An Important and Expository Soliloquy

Captain Hantz says:

I’ve run the numbers, and unless any of you are a far better pilot than me, we have three options: Jena, Takeo, or Oxport.

In case you never learned this in school, when you jump from a given system to another, you always arrive in the same area. That arrival zone is based on rudder you use and the last system you pass through when heading to that zone.

The nice part about drilling out, is you can do it from any where on the edge of the system. It takes about 30 minutes to calculate a jump. And unless someone’s waiting in the arrival zone, it’s rather safe to jump again.

With that, let’s look at the options:

  • Takeo’s a backwater hole; we can jump there but can’t refuel and resupply. We could fallback to New Hull, resupply and refuel. But this is really just a delay. We could refuel at New Hull and have 4 jumps instead of our current 3.
  • Jena’s under attack, and I don’t think anyone will be sparing any ships to guard the Kallisto arrival point. I think we can drop there with minimal risk.
  • Oxport’s dangerous. We’d be coming by way of Jena’s arrival point. I’d imagine that the Oxport Federation has secured that arrival point.

Unless one of you have a rutter I don’t know about, those are our options.

Also, I’d really like to know where the hell that convoy came from. We were using the gas giant to sling shot through the belt. Sixteen-thirty (16:30) after arrival, our passive sensors picked up a small flotilla: three bulk freighters and a patrol boat. I don’t think they spotted us and we sure didn’t hail them.

So, here’s the deal: I suspect if we keep our sensors up we’ll see them in the next hour or so.

The Watchful Eye’s faster than those bulk freighters, and we can probably outrun that patrol boat. We might be able to position ourselves to figure out a bit more. However, if they find us, we’re going to need to run; and that could get tight.


In Stars without Number: Revised Edition 🔍 each system has a topographical map. We’ll use that map play out the Sensors and Detection section of Stars without Number: Revised Edition.