Let's Read “Worlds without Number”

An Old School Inspired Fantasy RPG

A caped figure with long spear in hand stands atop a stone pillar overlooking the top of a waterfall.  In the distance they look to a city nestled up near a cavernous hollow.
A part of my series. Go grab your copy of Worlds without Number 📖 and join in. I’ll be reading through the paid version; however Worlds without Number: Free Edition 📖 contains many of the same chapters.

, Kevin Crawford launched the Worlds without Number Kickstarter. It’s a stand alone game that leverages the Stars without Number: Revised Edition 📖 chasis; In fact the games are fully compatable with each other.

, Kevin released Worlds without Number on DriveThruRPG. The offset printing is in the works.

What I loved about this Kickstarter, and really all of Kevin’s, is that he releases regular draft updates. So I’ve been able to play Worlds without Number for months.

This post will serve as the anchor point for my read through of each chapter.


  • Character Creation
  • The Rules of the Game
  • Magic and the Arcane Traditions
  • The World of the Latter Earth
  • Creating Your Campaign
  • Creating Adventures
  • Creatures of a Far Age
  • Factions and Major Projects
  • Arts of the Gyre
  • Heroic Classes and Characters
  • Legates
  • Iterums and Their Dwellers
  • Additional GM Tools


In my halted A Grain of Truth in the World of Ardu campaign, I ran a character creation session and two play sessions. Alas, I have only written up my notes for the .

Review Summary

Worlds without Number is a rules-lite fantasy old school inspired RPG with ample Referee tools. Perfect for running a sandbox RPG.

I give it 5 of 5 stars.

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