I went a walking this evening,
back into that space once field
now meadow.  With me: my partner
and those two dogs of ours.

In the hours before, rain and wind
Burst across the scene, bringing
Much needed drink for those
of us that take root here.

But now that meadow danced with life.
A rabbit took to foot, the cardinals
declared the evening mass, and the
red winged blackbirds canted their songs.

Further back we went, the dogs
finding sticks to fetch or chomp.
I checked in on the recent transplants,
now but a few weeks in their new soil.

There several paces ahead, I saw the
flicker of an azure wing.  I pointed
and paused…(silence please)
…(let's hold our breath now)

A bluebird, make that two birds. Each
giving chase to the other.  We stopped.
And gave them space, staying far clear
Of those hollowed houses we setup.

From whence we came, we turned back
Silent in prayer for sanctuary…
May you find your place, bluebirds, for
This is your space, more so than mine.

And may the starlings not drive you away.
(Though I'm a starling some would say.
Yet here too am I, in this place
I call home, but from whence I did not come.)