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Railroads, Scholarly Research, and Worldbuilding

Railroad Maintenance

I write to develop ideas and to provide opportunities for myself to rediscover what I once knew.

The impulse for writing [ Tabletop RPG Design in Theory and Practice at the Forge, 2001-2012 🔍] came from one of his friend stating: “People are forgetting the Forge” — “What can we do?” — “Well, maybe someone who’s an academic should write a book about it, explaining what it was about and what its ideas were”.

I never participated in The Forge 🔍, nor really delved into it. However, I did find and explore the games influenced and likely workshopped at The Forge. From memory and assumption: Life without Master, Grey Ranks, Dogs in the Vineyard, Shadows of Yesterday, and I’m certain a whole lot more.

Bulletin boards, Internet Relay Chat (IRC 🔍), and forums are the digital era foundations of the Role Playing Game (RPG 🔍) hobby. And in Bill White writing Tabletop RPG Design in Theory and Practice at the Forge, 2001-2012, he’s helping create breadcrumbs back to those foundations; many of which are eroding or vanished from the inevitable entropy.

Questions for collaborative world building /r/swn

My friends and i have been playing 5e Dnd for a couple years now and we are going to make the switch to swn for some sci fi adventures soon. i tried to get them to care out world building in 5e but the lore of dnd is just to vast and confusing in most instances for them to really get into. I’m a big adventure zone fan and with the current season, they’ve been playing the quiet year to build the world together and i thought that was a really fun idea. Now I don’t want to play a whole game to set up the world but i thought it would be fun to have my players roll to answer certain questions to help build the world, hoping that it would get them more invested in it. so far i have questions like common sports on their home planets, famous figures in the system and what they’re famous for, a common drug and what it does, that sort of thing. what other questions could i have them answer to help fill out the world?

My response, also on that Reddit thread:

One way to possibly flip this, is in play to ask those world building questions. For example, on their first adventure there's a famous sports figure that's been implicated in a drug scandal:
  1. Player one: tell me about the sport that they play?
  2. Player two: and why is it so dangerous?
  3. Player three: now tell me about one of the famous person’s most memorable “plays”
  4. Player four: who was out maneuvered in that memorable play?
  5. Player one: and where did you first hear about famous person’s possible drug scandal?
  6. Player two: now tell me about that drug?

And so forth.

I’ve used the above approach, “Ask A an open ended question, from that answer ask B a follow-up.”

And get them to name things, not “in the tabloids” but in the “Musings on the Daily Whispernet”. And if they’re floundering, offer to help. Provide a planet for that drug.

Has Anyone Played I6: Ravenloft

Has anyone ever played Ravenloft 🔍 as written, using the AD&D system?

Nope. I came close; we played through RA1 Feast of Goblyns (2e).