Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-29)

RSS, Procrastination, and Chipping Away at Boundaries

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Another Reason Elfeed Is The Best RSS Reader

As you all know, I’m a big fan of Chris Wellons’ Elfeed package for reading my RSS feed. There’s a lot to like. Wellons reimagined what an RSS reader should be and organized it around search. Most of the time, the search is implicit, defaulting to “show me the unread entries for the last 6 months” but you can specify anything you want.

At one point I wroe about . In my switch to Emacs 🔍, I switched to using elfeed. And I love it.

I wrote some scripts for . These scripts help me capture entries in Elfeed and amplify them in my blog. I used the linked script to capture the above blockquote.

Having my feed reader conceptually close to my text editor is analogue to reading a book with pencil in hand; I’m more prone to engage the text I read.

The Gold Hack

Hi! I made a fan hack of The Burning Wheel Gold edition (I don’t own Gold Revised… yet!). It is called The Gold Hack

I made a lot of changes (most of them inspired by Mouse Guard RPG) to reduce the system to 11 pages (+5 if you count the cover, the index of contents, the character sheet, the rules summary, and the credits, license and greetings pages).

I love Burning Wheel Gold, but continue to struggle with Luke Crane’s behavior. The Gold Hack along with Hot Circle

TSR Games has spent the weekend pushing forward with their plan and escalating the fight. The Facebook Group Old School TSR Games has reported the new TSR Games has threatened legal action.

I’m old enough to remember the dying gasps of Tactical Rules Studies (TSR 🔍) (the original) when they unleashed as many legal antics as possible. This was the early days of ubiquitous internet. I had heard rumors of a TSR sanctioned site that allowed for people to upload their house rules.

The site only allowed a few people access at a time. I spent many odd hours during my first year of college trying to connect to that site. It’s this odd memory, of green screens and gopher clients. And I once made it into the site, to then scrounge around for all kinds of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Second Edition (AD&D 2E 🔍) materials. I found a few.

But it was this odd gated space, this promised trove of information. A harbinger of the internet to come. Guarded by the malignant dragon that was TSR. Looks like this incarnation’s doubling down on that legacy. And more.

The psychology of revenge bedtime procrastination

Getting revenge on our daytime life.

The term “bedtime procrastination” was coined in by Dr. Floor Kroese, a behavioral scientist from Utrecht University, and her team. They defined it as “going to bed later than intended while no external circumstances are accountable for doing so.”

I don’t have full control of my calendar and schedule, but when my kids were younger I have memories of this behavior. This is related to burnout, and is an issue with how your employer chooses to treat you. Sure, understand the issues and how to address them. But it’s about time we reimagine coping mechanisms for living in capitalism.