Using the Eberron Setting and “Worlds without Number” System

Doing Just in Time Translations

I’m starting a B-game for my Sunday morning game slot; A B-game is a game you play when your main game fails to meet quorum.

The B-game is something that Judd Karlman spoke about in Episode 78 of Daydreaming about Dragons

In this case our A-game is Campaign: New Vistas in the Thel Sector.

In talking with the players, we’re going to play an investigator and sidekick campaign set in Eberron. We’re going to use the Worlds without Number (WWN 🔍) system. As a Game Master (GM), I really don’t like Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition. So I’m using WWN.

We had talked briefly about using Burning Wheel Gold 🔍 for the system, however that was something entirely new for another player. So we opted to go with Worlds without Number, which builds on the Stars without Number: Revised Edition 🔍 system that we use for Campaign: New Vistas in the Thel Sector.

The initial premise we’re considering is that one of the Player Characters (PCs 🔍) will be an investigator and the other a sidekick. They’ll be investigating circumstances in Sharn.

The person playing the sidekick is looking to create a Warforged 🔍 Mage class (or mix of partial classes). The person playing the investigator is likely manifesting a Dragonmark and the corresponding Dragonmarked house 🔍 is courting them.

We had discussed the Warforged being a soldier that was previously subordinate to the investigator. However, in a 2 player game, we thought it would be nice to have external relationships; so the warforged will have a sergeant in their past that can surface and provide hooks into the character.

Below are the WWN Foci that I’m workshopping to provide context for the players. Given that there are 2 players, I’ve considered using the heroic rules, but for now the baseline is giving everyone one additional foci. This allows for a mage half-elf with a dragonmark.



From WWN page 311:

Level 1
Gain Connect and any one skill as bonus skills.
You can see out to thirty feet in any light condition short of perfect darkness.
At your discretion, if you take after your elven parent, you may increase your Dexterity modifier by +1 but then also take a -1 to your Constitution modifier.


Level 1
Gain Stab, Punch, or Shoot as a bonus skill.
You need neither eat, sleep, nor breathe.
You have a base AC of 12.
Your unarmed attacks count as melee weapons.
You suffer a -1 penalty on all social skill checks.
You integrate armor into your body; For the purposes of calculating encumberance, ignore the encumberance value of armor.
You may remove the Frail condition by adding 2 System Strain (see Worlds without Number page 48).


Note: You may only have one Dragonmark foci.

Mark of Detection

update: Is quality too vague? Originally I thought about material or compound. But why not go for something far more abstract. In 5E, the Mark of Detection lets you cast detect magic or detect poison and disease. But that seems rather boring. Why not open this up to something more abstract.

Level 1
You must have the half-elf foci.
You add +1 to all Notice checks.
You gain 2 Dragonmark Effort
As an On Turn action, name a quality and commit Dragonmark Effort for the day. While in effect, you sense if the named quality is within 30 feet of you. This effect lasts until the end of the scene. While in effect, as an On Turn action you can pinpoint the location(s) of that quality.

Mark of Finding

update: In 5E, the Mark of Finding lets you cast hunter’s mark; which if you blur your eyes a bit is what my version of the Mark of Finding does.

Level 1
You must either be a human or have the half-orc foci.
When you take this focus choose either Notice or Survival; You add +1 to all of those skill tests.
You gain 2 Dragonmark Effort
As an On Turn action, commit Dragonmark Effort indefinitely and mark a creature that you see or have an object or personal affect of that creature. While you're committing effort for the marked creature, you gain +1 to all efforts to find them. You also gain +1 to all attacks and damage against that creature.

Mark of Making

Note, this is less refined because in our initial conversation, the Mark of Making didn’t seem like a likely choice. But I wanted to put it here for the player to push up against.

Level 1
You add +1 to all Craft skill tests.
You gain 2 Dragonmark Effort
Create something extra-ordinary? Mend things?

Design Notes

In working on this, I referenced:

I also thought about the “spirit” of the various Dragonmarks, and took some exterme liberties. After all Worlds without Number is built with OSR 🔍 sensibilities (e.g., favor rulings over rules).

Also, I really love the Kalashtar 🔍 of Eberron; with the compatable Stars without Number: Revised Edition, I have access to Psionics.