The Mistimed Scroll: Character Brainstorming

Laying Out Some Next Steps

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On we all hopped on Zoom to share our character concepts for .

We needed three different roles:

The character that has posession of the scroll.
The character that was present at the raid.
Ready to Help
The character that's ready to help find where the scroll goes.

The three players selected their roles.

The possessor of the scroll is a Warforged who looks to this scroll as an obligation. Their planning to explore the impact of the Treaty of Thronehold granting emancipation for the Warforged.

The participant is looking to be a Valenar elf healer who saw the atrocities committed by the Valenar on the Cyran refugees, and looks to make amends.

The ready to help is a half-orc with the Mark of Finding. Their mark manifested recently and their presently not part of House Tharashk; though House Tharashk has learned that they’ve manifested a dragonmark. We’ll be using as the foundation for our Dragonmarks.

Next Steps

Due to life circumstances and schedules we are slowly inching into this campaign. We’re thinking that this is going to be a bit of a Tour of the Realms kind of campaign; lots of travel.

We’re also excited to see how each character pulls at the scroll, and how the scroll might dictate the life of it’s now liberated possessor.

Already we have House Tharashk as a likely interested party. There’s the Valenar elves and refugees of Cyre who may have interest. We haven’t yet established where they will start, but I’m already seeing the first scene as a bit of role-playing.

The Valendar elf and Warforged have scheduled a meeting with a half-orc. They know that they need his guidance…but for what? We’re teasing that out over on Discord.


I’ve been on a serious Burning Wheel Gold 📖 kick, and chose to start this campaign in Eberron 📖. We’re holding the lifepaths loosely, as those are less important once you get going in your game.

Were I to chose another system for Eberron, I’d pair up Worlds without Number 📖 and Stars without Number: Revised Edition 📖. Together you get the full spectrum of magic and psionics that I find perfect for Eberron.