Fifth Winter Haiku 2022 Edition

First season of life
Nose dives in snow seeking to
Know future untold


In November, we fostered a border collie and her four puppies. Our intent was to adopt one of those puppies. For seven weeks, we helped these puppies grow from warm fuzzy potatoes to their energetic selves.

Two weeks ago, all but one of those dogs went to their new parents. We kept Lacey. Her proper name is “Queen Anne’s Lace(y) Lu Lu Bunny Belle.”

This morning we awoke to several inches of fluffy white snow. And Lacey loves it.

When we first started training her to potty outdoors, we had snow. But that melted. She and her siblings were too small to endure much of the cold. Now, however, she’s a bit taller, fluffier, and eager to play outside.

We’ve been training her to tap a strand of bells when she wants out. With snow, she wants out a lot; so that bell rings quite often. And I’m eager to oblige.

She bounds through the snow, chasing her brother Ollie. A 7 year old border collie who’s been missing his border collie sister Corrie. Corrie died in October.

I go outside with one less layer than I’d prefer; this is my physical reminder that we shouldn’t be out too long. But Lacey doesn’t mind. She wants to thrust her nose in snow and give chase to Ollie.

I look to her to see if she’s shivering or concerned about her paws. At 20º Fahrenheit and still air, we can easily play for five minutes or more. Yet I make sure that we don’t stay out too long.

Lacey, like me, Ollie, and Corrie, love fresh snow. A chance to play in a different world; and to come inside and feel the warm embrace of blankets and a cozy nap.