A Sixth Winter Haiku 2022 Edition

Against cold whiteness
Defiant summer weeds rise
Feeding chickadees


I love when snow lingers. And we’ve had a good run this January. I hope for more as February comes knocking.

I’ve tried to minimize the amount of mowing I do in our backyard. This year, there are several weeds feeding numerous birds that have chosen to winter here.

Earlier today, when I was walking with our dogs, they lead me a slightly different way.

I noticed tiny flecks of reddish splatter all around a tree. Looking up I saw remnants of autumn’s bitter crab apples clinging to their branches.

Each one of those still hanging fruits bore the wounds of many tiny pokes and jabs.

When we were considering getting a puppy, I had concern about a young puppy in winter.

That was a misplaced concern. Lacey, the 11 week old Border collie, loves the snow. She insists on going outside and romping around. On warmer days, we’ll go out for 10 minutes at a time or so.

So I don’t loose track of time and temperature, I try to wear a little less layers. I figure, if I’m feeling cold, it’s time to bring my snow dogs in.


When I originally wrote this, I mispelled whiteness as whitness. I corrected it before I published. But then I got to thinking, is witness or whiteness more fitting? And then there’s whit-ness. So, I wonder, what is the correct version?

My intention was whiteness, but I love the little bits of word-play from a typo.