A Seventh Winter Haiku 2022 Edition

Rains ushering night
Winds bringing again fresh snow
On morrow we play


On I learned that where I live was likely getting a significant snow fall on and . I informed my supervisor that I may well be taking a “snow day” to enjoy the heavy blanket of snow.

My current work arrangements afford “unlimited vacation” time; this is a first for me, but I look to that “unlimited vacation” and a good ol’ snow day sounds like a great reason to take the day off.

What are my plans?

First, I have two dogs. I’ll be going out on regular ventures. I’m also going to do some things that I would’ve done in high school. I’m going to:

Winter is the time of story and reflection. I feel as though I’ve neglected that. But a good ol’ “snow day” should help me recenter.