Burning Locusts: Session 6

More Art Theft and a Socialite Party

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Burning Locusts: Session 6 is a game session report for Burning Wheel Gold. We played via Discord and Roll20 on .

In the Burning Locusts: Session 5:

  • Antonius purchased and gave back Ansidora’s stuff
  • We learned from Old Roanie that there’s an oath sworn to protect and ancient ward
  • Biagio committed to finding a lawyer to exploit a legal loophole.
  • Biagio was getting investigators looking into Vadam’s art theft schemes.

Off Camera

We begin the session with Lady Jade making a Falsehood to convince Lord Jade that Frederico is a courier.

Consequence: he doesn’t believe the lie, and Lord Jade is both more suspicious of Lady Jade and Frederico, further Lord Jade will get someone to watch Lady Jade (and up the pressure on Frederico)

Success for Lady Jade.

Frederico seeks Ansidora’s Help on Getting Stuff from Vadam

With Stuff-wise, Ansidora regales Frederico about all the stuff at Vadam’s place. Success, with style. This will link into Frederico’s test when he seeks to burgle Vadam’s place.

Frederico wants to sneak into Vadam’s place and boost some of Vadam’s stuff. Stealthy + Guard-wise + Lockpicking + Inconspicuous + Prior Planning + Linked Test. This will be a test versus the guard’s Observation B4 + Help. Frederico succeeds.

While moving around in the apartment, there’s a hole made in the wall that goes into the sewers. Frederico looks to lift some middling art. With a failed Appraisal, Frederico grabs a worthless piece of art. He egresses via the sewer, succeeding in getting more stuff back for Ansidora.

Frederico Comes Back to Ansidora

Ansidora eyeing the art, looks on with a Shrewd Appraisal. Failure! She sees this as valuable and triggers a roll for Greed. Ansidora is not consumed by the Greed for this art.

Frederico asks for money from Ansidora, you should give me an advance. “You hit the jackpot on this art, I’m not paying you.”

Frederico attempts to Persuade Ansidora to give him an advance. The consequences of failure, as established by Ansidora, is that she will demand a share from the sale of the painting. Failure!

Antonius Prepares for the Party

Painting-wise establishes that Lord Antonius de Mari’s corpus and style is among the ascendant popular styles. Success! But not enough to add an advantage dice to the Painting test.

Antonius has some kitsch paintings that he’s prepared to sell. This was a graduated Painting test and Antonius scored 2 successes. And Antonius brings both these paintings and the Scintillante cityscape painting. sets them up at Adriano Faraldo place for the party. In Session 1 we established that this painting triggers Dwarven greed.

The Party

Vadam won’t be there, as established by Ansidora’s Family-wise. This does contravene Ansidora’s desire to have Vadam see her arrive at a party with a human. As established, Frederico is Ansidora’s guest.

Antonius is looking for a dwarf at the party who would be ready to buy the paintings; but Antonius fails in his Dwarf-wise test.

Antonius starts mingling and looking for an interested buyer. Mechanically he’s attempting to Circle Up someone who is ready to purchase the Scintillante cityscape painting; he declines help from Ansidora.

He succeeds and in exceeding the Circles test obstacle, he bumps into Lady Sofia di Montagna. She Appraises the painting and sees it’s value.

They talk for quite awhile as Ansidora finds a quiet corner. There she succeeds at a Rune Casting to change Lady Sofia di Montagna’s belief so that she “Wants to acquire the best art at any price.”

Antonius and Lady Sofia di Montagna agree to a sale at above market price. She’ll have the funds in 2 days. Mechanically we agree to an Obstacle (Ob 📖) 6 Resource test for the purchase.

As Antonius is conversing, Frederico’s looking to find someone who could be his patron. He exceeds his obstacle. Alfanso is looking for someone, and might have a problem to solve. What’s the problem?

Alfanso is having some contract problems, namely accounts receivable in arrears (people owe him money). Antonius establishes this with Contract-wise. In Building via the Wises of Burning Wheel


Frederico uses some Persuasion to encourage Alfanso to hire him. Hearing this conversation, Antonius and Ansidora step in to speak up on behalf of Frederico. The consequences of failure is that everyone spooks Alfanso. Success!

Yet due to cash flow issues, Alfanso can only pay Frederico a cut of the debts collected. Antonius and Ansidora haggle for Alfanso to pay Frederico a bit of jingle. (Success, Alfanso coughs up 1D of cash).

We end the session with Alfanso asking Frederico to drop by his place of business.