Burning Locusts: Session 11

Further Attempts to Track Down an Elusive Insurrectionist

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Burning Locusts: Session 11 is a game session report for Burning Wheel Gold. We played via Discord and Roll20 on .

Background Scene

Lady Sofia di Montagna is writing an article to talk about the Scintillante cityscape painting with a goal of helping launch Antonius and her career.

She’s spending the Deed point she earned from the past Rune Casting; she’s working carefully and patiently. This is Obstacle (Ob 📖) 3 and she rolls 11 dice. And lands 3 successes with one 6 to explode. A total of 4 successes for a Gray Shaded Composition.

The article is written and will be published in the coming days.

Antonius and Frederico seek out Lord Jade

Frederico and Antonius

Seeking out Lord Jade, knowing that he’s needing a stealthy human for a potential operation. He’s ready to work with Frederico. Success. Ob 5.

Lord Jade wants a real security force. He wants to take away some of the powers of the mercenaries. He’s looking to Luccianno, but he’s hit a dead end.

The Green Coats need to be able to investigate and pre-empt crimes. Frederico is this something you’re suited for? Can help us find crimes before they happen?

Yes he can help.

His interest is peace time security.

Lord Jade believes Luccianno, the arsonist, needs to hang. Antonius pushes that he shouldn’t hang.

The contract with Captain Jarek is he recruits and operates has carte blanche.

The arrangement with Frederico is that this is on the side until there’s results.

Lord Jade’s Statement of Purpose
He would like Frederico to find the arsonist (and turn him over to Captain Jarek’s men) for free, upon delivering results then talk about employment. And Antonius will argue on behalf of Lord Jade to city council.
Lord Jade Body of Argument
Antonius Statement of Purpose
I want access to the Green Coats to help ferret out the arsonist. We capture him alive, because he has information, and I will be the one that speaks with him before turning him over to the justice system. And you’ll pay a fair stipend to Frederico.
Antonius Body of Argument

Green Coats have to take credit.

Complete victory from Antonius with no compromise required.

We ask to call on Captain Jarek tomorrow, please explain the situation. The Green Coats are blood thirsty.

If we need to tone and temper the chain of command, we may need to revisit that contract.

Frederico’s Looking for Folks that Know of Lucciano

Antonius establishes that Scintillante thieves guild have a front for temp agency of workers for parties. The contract / detail is that you don’t pull antics at the party. Failure. This is not true, they don’t have this front.

Frederico wants to find someone familiar with Luccianno. He’s doing this through the Scintillante thieves guild, they provide services (as they are a guild).

Looking for someone in the Scintillante thieves guild who has knowledge of Luccianno’s activities (Ob 4). Consequence would have been lowering standing in the Thieves Guild. Success with style, and circles up Gulia “the Blood Apron”. She keeps the Scintillante thieves guild clean.

“Why do you want Luccianno?” asks Gulia

“I’m looking to Luccianno because he owes a guy I’m working for some money,” says Frederico

This is believable lie. He’s flirting. Falsehood + Persuasion. Consequences, she’s going to think you’re using her and bringing you into her web.

With a bit of Glibness, she believes this lie of ommission.

We leave with Gulia “the Blood Apron” preparing to go out circling up Luccianno.