Burning Locusts: Session 12

Asking Campaign Questions Around the Game Table

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Burning Locusts: Session 12 is a game session report for Burning Wheel Gold. We played via Discord and Roll20 on .

In this session, we began establishing facts about the campaign. It wasn’t an in-character session but instead us players talking about the world. Asking questions and getting curious.

Conversation around Thieves Guild

The Scintillante thieves guild doesn’t include operations in Hartheld; Hartheld is it’s own structure. They have in the past but there’s been such resounding push back.

There are several thieves guilds interfacing with Scintillante’s government. One function of these guilds is seeking restitution.

We also talked about the existence of a likely sub-setting of the Thieves Guild. Similar to the Burning Wheel Codex (BWC 📖)’s {College of Magic sub-setting. These are the administrators of the Scintillante thieves guild; we did clarify that it is different than Lankhmar’s Thieves Guild.

There exists thieves gangs that are not guilds but are either absorbed or aspiring or running against guild constraint. The “guild” means acknowledged by the government.

Once you’re a member of a guild, you’re stuck.

Names of gangs:

  • High Collared gang
  • College of Crooks
  • Children’s Theater
  • Church of Ink and Coin

Antonius has rebuffed any advances from the Church of Ink and Coin; they are interested in his clout but also his Contract-wise. Antonius is not a rat. They’re done trying to recruit Antonius. Legally this is legit. Socially this may not be.

We use Antonius’s Contract-wise to determine the state of this situation. On a success, the Church of Ink and Coin is done trying to recruit Antonius. On failure, the Church of Ink and Coin will continue to pursue and escalate.

Failure, the Church of Ink and Coin is pursuing him. This is a pressure point and there’s tension with the guild.

Discussions about Metaphysics

We decided to have a trait vote for the world situation. This mirror’s Fate Core (Fate 📖)’s campaign aspects.

There’s a meta-physics of the campaign that we consider, regarding how the original the Scintillante Cicada Company Contract came about.

What’s being Guarded in Hartheld

The dwarves of Hartheld haveve forgotten what it is. The Cicada Company has a compulsion to seek the heart, maybe they don’t know either.

Is it the last sorcerer? If they do achieve their goal, then sorcery is reintroduced. Or faith? Or God back into the world. We leave this hanging.

How does the world change if we stop the Cicada company? How does the world change if we don’t stop the Cicada company? Can we possibly root out all of the Cicada Company? The true victory is removing the compulsion from the Cicada Company.

Old Roanie wants this opened? Is it just Greed or is there a compulsion?

There is a matter of how does the Cicada Company “enlist” new members. Is there a compulsion? How does the “underground” play into this? This is where cicada’s hibernate.