The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 1

Exploring the Solo Play Rules of "The One Ring"

The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 1 is a game session report for The One Ring. We played in my living room on .

Thus begins the adventures of Duinhir Tailwind, a swift and true-hearted Dúnedain who ranges Eriador on behalf of Gandalf the Grey. Duinhir claims Bree as his safe haven.

One of my friends has spoken highly of The One Ring 📖 and I’m interested in running this game. But I don’t yet have a group; something that is foolish to assemble in the month of December. However, I should begin planning for gathering in .

To familiarize myself with the game, I’m using the published Strider Mode 📖; a supplement that provides solo and/or cooperative play support for The One Ring. I figure I can learn the rules, practice my dialogue, and see how this mode of play works.


On May 1st of the 2965th year of the Third Age, over short beers and a humble meal at the Prancing Pony, Gandalf issues Duinhir his first quest; to bring a message of hope to people in these dark times.

“Oh swift Duinhir, you have traveled these lands. The children and grand children of Brendalin Kettlebar have ventured southwest into Arnor, likely along a tributary of the Baranduin. Now alas, I have lost track of where they’ve settled but one such as you should be able to scour Arnor for their presence,” said Gandalf.

Gandalf continues, “They had left because of crushing debts incurred by Kettlebar; but the folk of Bree have chosen to not only forgive the debt but restore what was collected for the now forgiven debt. It turns out that several folks spoke on behalf of old Brenadlin, speaking of his quiet generosity and steadfastness. Go my young Duinhir and share this news so the family may know that wrongs are righted.”

Pushing plates and mugs to the edges of the table, Duinhir unfurls his detailed set of maps and begins drawing his fingers across different pathways. The detailed set of maps are Duinhir’s one and only starting Useful Items.

Tapping on the region of Arnor, Duinhir looks from the map to Gandalf who has begun digging into his sleeve for a bit of pipe weed.

“Hmm, this is a large region, though looking at these maps I’d first suspect them to settle near Sarn Ford. I’ll take the Greenway, and while tempted to cut across the Barrowdowns, I’ll stick to the road and look for other travelers who might have news of the Kettlebars,” says Duinhir.

While listening to Duinhir, Gandalf packs his pipe with some long-bottom leaf and begins puffing. He stifles a choked cough at the mention of the Barrowdowns, but recovers as Duinhir continues.

“Once at the crossroads I’ll turn west and search the area nearest the Sarn Ford. I don’t suppose you have more information Gandalf? As this is a rather large haystack to search,” asked Duinhir.

“Alas my true-hearted Duinhir, I have told you all I know. I have faith that one such as you can find them and deliver them the good news,” says Gandalf as he again draws a smoke from his pipe.

“I understand and will make haste, for one should never tarry when delivering the cut flowers that are good news.”


I have created Duinhir Tailwind and laid the ground work for his first journey. And before I proceed, I need delve again into The One Ring to understand the procedures.