The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 3

Initial Meeting of the Kettlebars and Wondering If There Is More to Gandalf’s Request

The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 3 is a game session report for The One Ring. We played in my living room on .

Gandalf the Grey has tasked Duinhir with finding the Kettlerbars’s farmstead and conveying good news.

As Loremaster, from the prior session I have two initial questions to ask and answer:

  • “Are the Kettlebars welcoming of travelers?” I find the likelihood of this question being yes is Middling. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “No.”
  • “Are the Kettlebars open to hearing news from Bree?” It is Doubtful that they are. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “No.”

I’m looking for a hook from which Duinhir can help. Without a hook it looks like the Kettlebars won’t be receptive of traveler nor good news.

I ask “What ails the Kettlebars?” of the Lore Table and get the following clues: Defend, Inspiring, and Burden.

In the late afternoon of May 11th, Duinhir, with guidance from Strider, finds the farmstead nestled in a new clearing near the banks of Baranduin and within a day of the Sarn Ford.

Duinhir has his work cut out for him to deliver a message of hope.

Approaching the Farmstead

From the edge of the clearing he spends a moment surveying the farmstead. At least a dozen family members are busy weeding, mending, and washing. Three young children with tussled brown curly hair run about chasing several clucking silkies.

Duinhir sets his spear and bow against a nearby elm and steps out into the clearing. After a step or two he hollers, “Hello good folk. I am a road weary traveler looking to share news around the evening fire and ask for a warm place to sleep.”

This approach sounds like a Courtesy test. With Standard That’s a Target Number (TN 📖) of 12. Duinhir spends a point of Hope to roll 3 dice. This is a Favoured skill.

Duinhir rolls a 26 with two Շ marks. From the Strider Mode 📖 supplement, I choose for Duinhir to Gain Insight and Build Advantage.

“What is the nature of the insight that Duinhir gains?” I consult the Lore Table and get the following clues: Search, Dangerous, and Depths.

As Loremaster, I begin to connect the two oracular answers: Defend, Inspiring, and Burden; Search, Dangerous, and Depths. One (or more?) family members have left the farmstead joining the Rangers to patrol and defend not just the family but the Eriador region. I set this aside for the evening, read some pages from The Silmarillion 📖. The goal was to let my subconscious make connections. And could it be that Gandalf wanted a Ranger to deliver one message, but also themselves be a message?

Duinhir catches the twinkling eyes and smile of one of the children; a girl no more than 8 years old. He has seen her mother’s face before; at a gathering of Rangers just north of Bree. It was a year or so ago.

She introduced herself as Gert Blacksnare, a daughter of the Dúnedain.

Lost in thought, looking without looking at Gert’s daughter, Duinhir’s memories stir. Gert and a few others were planning a foray into the ruins of Fornost. Gert emphasized that in traveling to Fornost others would need to range Arnor; in particular near Sarn Ford.

As Loremaster, I wonder “Does Duinhir know anything more about Gert’s fate?” I think it is Likely. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “Yes.” Let’s write for a moment and explore before asking another question.

Duinhir recalls a conversation from a few months past. The expedition to Fornost met disaster; not everyone returned. There was an ambush and captives taken.

Gert was one who had returned but she and others vowed to liberate the captives. With spring’s thaw and a few bits of news they set out north to find the others.

Duinhir’s thoughts turn to Gandalf; did he know of Gert? A man’s voice breaks Duinhir’s reverie.

Opening Conversation

Duinhir sees a man with that mop of brown curly hair approaching. Duinhir sees the same chin on this man as Gert’s daughters.

The man stops a few paces off and says, “Hello traveler. I am Giles Kettlebar. You are welcome to join us this evening for a warm meal and I’m sure we can find a place for you to sleep.”

“I thank you gentle Giles for your kindness. Not wanting to alarm you, I have set my spear and bow against the old elm. I’d hate to bring weapons to your hearth. Perhaps you or your daughters could bring them and upon my departure I could collect them.”

Others Kettlebars, setting aside their farming tools, gather around the two.

“I know there is much to tell, but let us save that for the evening fire. Now, rest your feet a bit,” says Giles.

Around the Fire

After a bit of rest, Duinhir joins the Kettlebars around the fire. About 20 adults gather around the fire, most in their prime while a few having seen many winters. Another 10 or so children have also gathered, nestling beside an adult.

“So, traveler, tell us what brings you to our farmstead?” ask one of the elders, “You mentioned news of the outside but we’re more keen on your business.”


I want to give my subconcious time to nurse these revelations.

I also want to reflect a moment on the hats I’m wearing: Loremaster, Player Character (PC 📖), and scribe. I spent a bit of time thinking about the semantics of my writing.

My blog already has margin notes but I didn’t want to fill the margins: first this created textual imbalances; second the writing is not “notes” but of a different narrative voice.

I chose to use the “small” tag; this information is “side-comments” and is more semantically appropriate than the “aside” tag.

I also want to summary the present mechanical and fictional state of the game:

  1. Duinhir has 4 points of travel Fatigue.
  2. He has spent 1 Hope.
  3. The Kettlebars do not want to hear about Bree.
  4. Duinhir knows news of Gert.

Note: I’m holding off on checking for relief of any travel Fatique until Duinhir’s settling in for the night. I figure if things go really sour, Duinhir will not find rest this evening.s