The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 4

Family News Delivered

The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 4 is a game session report for The One Ring. We played in my living room on .

“So, traveler, tell us what brings you to our farmstead?” ask one of the elders, “You mentioned news of the outside but we’re more keen on your business.” This was the question that ended my previous session.

Duinhir pauses a moment and shifts a bit on the log bench and says, “On this day, my business is to bring news. I come with bits of news regarding your family.”

At that, the general chatter dies and all are now listening.

“First, I believe one of your kin is named Gert. She has been away for some time. I last saw her this early spring,” says Duinhir as he pauses to again consider how much to say.

Giles, with two daughters nestled up beside him, looks with sorrowful eyes, “My Gert? There must be more?”

As Loremaster and player, I’m trying to set some stakes. And with Giles’s question, I choose for Rangers to be more secretive of their activities.

Which in turn leads to what I think should be a Riddle test. The stakes are Standard.

He needs to make a Target Number (TN 📖) 14 test. His skill is 1, with Duinhir Tailwind’s previous Build Advantage he adds another die. I choose to spend a point of Hope to gain 2 more dice; normally one but in Strider Mode 📖 Adventure Phase tests are considered Inspired.

Duinhir gets a 16, with 2 Շ. I choose to twice Widen Influence to let Duinhir’s answer be adequate for all of the Kettlebars.

“The more that I have is to say she was in good health and resolute in her cause.”

The family nods along. Perhaps they know her role. Perhaps not. But it is not Duinhir’s tale to tell.

“News such as this is far more welcome than no news or the crows report,” says Gert as he slumps back a bit.

Duinhir sees Gert breath deep and his shoulders relax a bit more.

“That can’t be all that brought you here,” says the elder as they lean closer and tighten their gaze.

Duinhir leaning back to give space to this gaze says, “Yes, there is more. I have news from Bree…”

With the word “Bree”, Several family members spit and stomp.

Duinhir continues, recounting what Gandalf told him, “the folk have chosen to not only forgive the debt but restore what was collected for the now forgiven debt. Several folks spoke on behalf of old Brenadlin, speaking of his quiet generosity and steadfastness.”

Another elder quickly speaks, “An empty gesture now that we’re many leagues from Bree. Who put you up to this fool errand?”

A bit startled, Duinhir responds, “Gandalf asked that I deliver this message.”

I wonder “Do the Kettlebars think kindly of Gandalf?” As Loremaster, I find the likelihood of the answer being yes is Middling. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “Yes.”

“Now this is quite the unexpected news,” says an elder, “we’ll need time as a family to discuss this. But before we adjourn for the evening, what is your role now that you’ve delivered this news?”

Duinhir responds, “I had thought to return to Bree and see if I might find Gandalf to update him on my errand.”

“I see,” says the elder, “now as we adjourn, I believe Giles will show you to your sleeping quarters.”

With that, I close the scene. I have Duinhir roll Travel to reduce his accumulated Fatigue. Success with 1 Շ. Duinhir reduces his Travel Fatigue from 4 to 2. And then adds that 2 to his Fatigue. The evening’s rest will reduce the Fatigue by one more.

Next, as Loremaster, I want to know “if the Kettlebars uproot and return to Bree?” I find the likelihood to be Unthinkable. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “No.”

I wonder “Will the Kettlebars ask that a few family members accompany Duinhir back to Bree so that the family can set their affairs in order?” As Loremaster, I think there is a Middling chance of this being yes. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “Yes.”

Last I wonder “Will there be some kind of outside trouble this evening?” This is Doubtful. Consulting the Telling Table the answer is “No.”

I see no reason for further dialogue. And simply need to know, are “they leaving tomorrow?” The Doubtful answer is “ᚠ Yes with an extreme result or twist.”

As Loremaster I was assuming the traveling companions would be a liability. But given Gert’s background and this unexpected twist, I think at least one of them is a capable traveling companion.


This wraps up one leg of the adventure. I want to consult the Strider Mode experience to see what, if anything, to award Duinhir. The one that seems most applicable is “Accept a mission from a patron.” Which awards 1 Adventure Point.