The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 6

The First Fellowship Phase for Duinhir

The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 6 is a game session report for The One Ring. We played in my living room on .

It is May 21st in the 2965th year of the the Third Age of Middle-Earth. Yesterday, Duinhir returned to Bree after traveling to the Kettlebar farmstead near Sarn Ford.

During this Fellowship Phase he’s going to Gather Rumours and Meet Patron.

Duinhir learns that Gandalf is in Bree. As a Messenger, whenever Duinhir’s in the Fellowship Phase, he’ll be able to meet with Gandalf.

With no pressing needs, Duinhir to lounge about for the day. At eventide Duinhir heads to his favorite spot in the commons of the Prancing Pony. He lights his pipe and listens to the mirth and merry making.

He closes his eyes and begins to drift to sleep.

A familiar voice pulls him from his slumber, “Good Duinhir, I’m so happy to see you’ve returned.”

Duinhir’s eyes open to Gandalf busy seating himself at the same table.

“Yes, Gandalf it was rather uneventful. Though I was surprised to learn that Gert Blacksnare is of that family. Did you know that when you sent me?”

“Hmm, now I know a great many things, and have forgotten a great many more. I suppose I may once have know but until now I’d forgotten I’d known,” replies Gandalf between intermittent puffs of his pipe.

“No matter. The Kettlebars are here to close out their affairs in Bree. And I suppose there’s something you need of me?” asks Duinhir.

“Well my good fellow, you’ve guessed right. You made good time on finding the Kettlebars. Now I wonder if I might again ask for this haste,” says Gandalf.

Without waiting Duinhir responds, “Why of course Gandalf, I am here to serve the free folk of Middle-Earth.”

“Wonderful,” says Gandalf picking up from the interrupt, “I ask that you go to the head of my order, Saruman. To Isengard where he has settled. Bring him this letter. There is something stirring in Carn Düm. My hope is that he will convene the White Council. I fear that which we exorcised a quarter century ago may have found old dungeons to again haunt. The letter explains this and more. Think on this, as a month long journey to Orthanc is not something to idly accept. I’ll meet you here again tomorrow night. Perhaps share another pint.”

Duinhir nods and closes his eyes once more; a brief nap to clear his mind and think through this errand. He would be gone at least 2 months. Might there be something in Tharbad that requires attention on the way?

With the Meet Patron scene done it’s time for Duinhir to Gather Rumours.

I downloaded my copy of Ruins of the Lost Realm 📖. I read the section on Tharbad and am curious to explore that region. Now what does Duinhir learn about what I, as Loremaster, have recently learned?

Gathering Rumours

Throughout the day the 22nd, Duinhir meets a few folk. He’s considering traveling to Orthanc and decides to glean some information about Tharbad.

From his fellow Rangers, he learns about Gwilleth the Scout; herself a Ranger working in Tharbad as one of Gurnow’s brigands. She’s playing a long game of recruiting folks such that they could overthrow Gurnow’s governorship.

The Rangers want information about Gurnow’s intentions as well as who’s been joining his court and pressing for favours. After all, coin and promises of power can sway a petty warlord.

There are concerns that Gurnow may look to extend his influence beyond Tharbad. And always there’s the concern that when one strongman falls something worse can take his place.

As Loremaster I wonder if this is enough rumoured information? I ask “Is the above an adequate rumour?” of the Telling Table and it answers “, no with an extreme result or twist.”

“Is this unwelcome information related to Gert?”, “Yes!” There is news.

Having recently picked up Ruins of the North, I pull something from that.

Duinhir learns that Gert and a few others had tracked down the other Rangers. They were successful in liberating them; but learned of kidnappers further raiding the Hill-men near Gundabad.

With little rest, they drew straws and one of them returned to share the information while the others set off to stop the kidnappings. Gert is amongst those heading north.

That evening, at the Prancing Pony, Duinhir dines with Gandalf and agrees to deliver a message to Saruman.

Gandalf provides Duinhir with a sealed letter, emphasizing that the letter is only for Saruman. Duinhir acknowledges and lets Gandalf know he’ll set out on the first of June.


This is adequate information to move from the Fellowship Phase into the next adventure.