Please see my welcome post for the new design.

Welcome to Jeremy Friesen’s personal blog; I often write about games, but don’t limit posts to games. Please feel free to contact me. Or buy some of my published game materials. I release some content on this site as Open Game License or OGL.

I do my best to tag articles and group some posts by series. You may be interested in my reviews as well. I also committed, for the time being, to hosting S John Ross’s Medieval Demographics Made Easy.

You’ll notice, I link to a lot of games. These are often affiliate links; I choose this as one small way to get a bit of jingle for my blogging efforts.

In working on this website, I’ve ensured you need not use Javascript. To get a sense of traffic to the site, I setup Google Analytics; But feel free to turn on your ad-blocking and disable Javascript. The site will continue working with a caveat; When javascript is disabled, the Search feature shifts from Google’s Custom Search Engine to directing the user to Google’s basic search with the prepopulated “site:takeonrules.com”. I’ve tried to build towards an accessible experience, leveraging accessibility guidelines from Penn State. Go to the top of the page, click the top left corner, then hit the <TAB> key. I love that feature. I learned that from a Skip Links accessibility tutorial.

You can find me in other places. Though I will warn you, I’m stepping back from most social media engagement. Seriously, the best way to find me is to contact-me

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