Jeremy Friesen

Summary of Qualifications

Demonstrated ability to build coalitions to deliver solutions and improvements to organizational processes.
High degree of emotional intelligence focusing on inclusive problem solving.
Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology.
More than 20 years experience analyzing, designing, implementing and maintaining systems for a wide audience.
Excellent critical thinking, programming, product manager, and communication skills focusing on collaboration.
Committed to continuous improvement via communication, clarification, automation, and documentation.
Contributor to free open source software projects (
Presenter, facilitator, change champion for community and local projects, freelancer, and blogger.


Community Member and Contributor [–present]
Developed, documented, tested, and reviewed Samvera software repositories.
Advocate and supporter of organizational process improvements.
Served on Samvera Connect planning committee as we transitioned from an on-site conference to a fully remote conference.
Chair and participant to numerous community working groups.
Served on the hiring committee for Samvera’s first employee; streamlining group decision making process by incorporating lightweight tools.

Research and Development Engineer [–present]
Manager, Digital Library Technologies []
Digital Library Frameworks Specialist []
Senior Application Developer []
Served on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee with focus on improving hiring, development, retention, and advancement of diverse candidates and employees.
Technical product manager for an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to improve the accessibility and discoverability of cultural heritage objects stewarded by the Snite Museum of Art and the Hesburgh Libraries (; As one of three core project team members, responsible for sharing information throughout organizational hierarchies, coordinating and securing project resources, supporting project direction, and delegating decision making to appropriate experts.
Introduced and iterated on new hiring processes now piloted or adopted by multiple other organizations.
Managed 4 application developers through mentoring, coaching, documentation, code reviews, and paired programming sessions.
Lead cross-institutional development of intsitutional repository (
Lead development, maintenance, and enhancements for task-oriented collaborative mediated workflow (
Adopted and advocated for adoption of static code analysis, code coverage, inclusive language in technology, and reporting up and out to larger communities.

Founder [–present]
Provide software consultation and data migration services.
Provide table-top role-playing game consultation services.

Mentor [–present]
Mentor and coach for women seeking to move into the technology sector.

Firehose Project

Mentor []
Mentor and coach for aspiring web developers seeking to enter the tech sector.

Lead Application Developer, Web []
Web Developer []
Lead development of server-side aspect of web-facing applications
Maintained and enhanced AgencyND's custom Ruby on Rails Content Management System (CMS) (
Developed back-end processes for university's map (
Lead web site migrations with focus on data preservation, character encoding cleanup, and URL preservation/migration.
Initiated and facilitated monthly Notre Dame developer meet-ups to improve sharing of knowledge across departments

Lead Developer []
Lead the development of web applications for 15,000 student school district.
Integrated back-end systems, grade books, and Active Directory with a custom role-based CMS.
Developed user-portal to aggregate, disseminate, and customize user-targeted content.
Trained development staff for maintenance, Quality Assurance (QA), and documentation tasks.
Communicated technical requirements to both internal team members and clients.
Develop and enhance customizable subscription package for retail commerce site.

Actuarial Analyst and Developer []
Senior System Analyst and Developer []
System Analyst and Developer [
Developed, maintained, and extended database-driven systems for insurance billing, quoting, and rating.
Improved efficiency of common actuarial tasks by developing systems of automation.
Performed and compiled rigorous actuarial reports and studies.
Collaborated on development of new insurance products, with a focus on the technical issues, constraints, and implementations.

Skills and Education

Technical Skills
Very experienced with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Samvera software stack, Git, Hypertext Markup Language, Hugo, TDD, RSpec, RDBMSs, Data Modeling, and SQL.
Proficient CSS, Square API, Shopify API, Jekyll, JSON+LD, RDF,, Bash, Javascript, iSeries RPG and CL, DB2, Elisp: dialect of Lisp used in GNU Emacs, PlantUML.
Familiarity with Fedora Commons, JSON-API, LDP, Jest, PHP, Solr.
Operating system experience in Windows, OS400, Unix/Linux, and OS X.
Non-Technical Skills
ADKAR change management processes, Project Management, QA, mentoring, coaching, writing, and facilitation.
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, ,